Macerata: Pro-Migrant Rewrite of Mozart’s Magic Flute Booed by Audience

Diversity Macht Frei
August 1, 2018

Macerata is the town in Italy where Pamela Mastropietro, an 18-year-old Italian girl, was raped, murdered and dismembered by African drug dealers who may have planned to use her body parts in cannibalistic voodoo rituals. It’s also the place where Luca Traini went on a revenge shooting spree, wounding 6 Africans.

It might have been considered evidence of very poor taste, then, when English director Graham Vick chose to turn his production of Mozart’s Magic Flute at the Macerata summer opera festival into a pro-migrant propaganda piece.

A British opera director has been lambasted by Italian MPs after staging an “anti-racist” performance of Mozart’s The Magic Flute featuring a bulldozer poised to raze a migrant tent camp.

Graham Vick, of Birmingham Opera Company and a former director of Glyndebourne, revised the original plot in an experimental production at the Macerata opera festival.

“This is a massacre damaging Mozart and the spectators,” said Senator Paolo Arrigoni of the right-wing League party.

Some spectators booed at the performance on Friday. In Vick’s version, the serpent in the tale is replaced by a bulldozer, seen by League MPs as ‘Salvinian’ because of their leader Matteo Salvini’s call in the past for gipsy Roma camps to be razed.

At one point, members of the choir fall down on the stage in what some critics took to be miming the fate of drowning migrants trying to reach Italy.


The audience obviously didn’t appreciate the propaganda, as you can see by their reaction in this clip.

Last week it was a feminist rewrite of Wagner; now a pro-immigration rewrite of Mozart. This calculated defilement of the highest expressions of our culture is one aspect of White Genocide.