“Macerata is Only the Beginning” – Ruling Class Shocked by Popular Support for Italian Shooter

Diversity Macht Frei
February 7, 2018

The Italian ruling class is disturbed by signs of popular support for Luca Traini, the former Lega Nord candidate who performed a drive-by shooting of 6 Africans in Macerata on Saturday.

In Perugia an inscription was left beneath a portrait of the left-wing intellectual Paolo Vinto, saying: “Macerata is only the beginning”.

In Rome, a banner was unfurled last night on the Ponte Milvio: “Honour to Luca Traini”.

Traini’s lawyer says he has been inundated with messages of solidarity for the shooter.

The lawyer representing Luca Traini, the man accused of going in a racist shooting spree in Macerata on Saturday, said Monday that he was alarmed about the level of support for the attacker. “Politically there is a problem,” lawyer Giancarlo Giulianelli said after meeting the 28-year-old in Montacuto prison. “People stop me to give messages of solidarity for Luca. It’s alarming, but it gives us a measure of what’s happening”.


A Facebook group has been set up calling for Traini to be made president of Italy.

Even the mother of Pamela Mastropietro – the 18-year-old who was dismembered by African drug dealers, precipitating Traini’s rampage – thanked him for having “lit a candle for Pamela”, although she said she was opposed to violence.

How long will the Italian ruling class be able to contain the anger of their people about the invasion and destruction of their country?

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