Mac Miller, “Coolest Jewish Rapper,” Holocausted Self with Fentanyl

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2018

We play it cool, we know we fucked though, yeah
You keep on sayin’ you in love so
Tell me are you really down? Are you really down? Yeah
Let’s go back to my crib and play some 45’s
It’s safer there, I know there’s still a war outside
We spend our nights all liquored up, our mornings high
Can you feel it now?

The autopsy has been released for the evil dead Jew rapper Mac Miller.

He was doing drugs that were meant for goyim. Always a bad move.


Mac Miller‘s death has been ruled an accidental overdose.

The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner confirms to Yahoo Entertainment that the rapper died from mixed drug toxicity after finding fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol in his system. The manner of death was certified an accident.

“a white powdery substance, non-prescribed medication, prescription medication, and a rolled 20 dollar bill with white powder residue were collected from the scene and booked into evidence.”

Miller, who had a history of drug addiction, was known to abuse “alcohol, non-prescribed medication (specifically Xanax and unspecified opiates), and cocaine.”


In 2010, he signed a record deal with Pittsburgh-based indie record label Rostrum Records.

Benjy Grinberg, founder of Rostrum Records.

In October 2014, it was reported Miller signed a record deal for him and his label REMember, with Warner Bros. Records.

Stephen Cooper, CEO of Warner Music Group

Malcolm James McCormick was born on January 19, 1992, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the son of Karen Meyers, a photographer, and Mark McCormick, an architect. His father is Christian, and his mother is Jewish. Miller was raised Jewish, had a Bar Mitzvah, and celebrated the Jewish High Holy Days. Because of his religion, he described himself as “the coolest Jewish rapper”

White rap is a disease, and death is the only cure.

On the surface, this looks like it was just some random average messed up guy who got plucked out of his shit life, told he was an “artist” and given more money than he knew what to do with by some Jewish record label that wanted kids to emulate his problems.

The recording industry is a meat grinder for mediocre drug addicts with an ego problem to indulge themselves to death for our amusement. This time, it was a half-Jew that they chewed up and spit out for some shekels.

Even if you knock up an IDF jewess and circumcise your sons, they will still be disposable abominations to these people.