M$ Claims to Have Found Russian Hacking Operation to Do Nothing Specific

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 21, 2018

All your webs are belong to us.

When are these dastardly Russians going to learn that they can’t hack our democracy?

We’ve got crack teams of Pajeets working 24/7, courtesy of Microsoft, to keep an eagle-eyed watch on these Muscovite meddlers.

Nothing gets past these brave Pajeets, let me tell you.

Washington Post:

A group affiliated with the Russian government created phony versions of six websites — including some related to public policy and to the U.S. Senate — with the apparent goal of hacking into the computers of people who were tricked into visiting, according to Microsoft, which said Monday night that it discovered and disabled the fake sites.

The effort by the notorious APT28 hacking group, which has been publicly linked to a Russian intelligence agency and actively interfered in the 2016 presidential election, underscores the aggressive role Russian operatives are playing ahead of the midterm congressional elections in the United States. U.S. officials have repeatedly warned that the November vote is a major focus for interference efforts. Microsoft said the sites were created over the past several months, and that the company was able to catch them early, as they were being set up. It did not go into more specifics.

Yeah, they didn’t get into more specifics.

They certainly didn’t show evidence that these sites had been setup by “APT128.”

And nobody has presented any evidence that APT128 is actually a Kremlin operation, either.

Crowdstrike itself only has a “medium level” of confidence on that issue (but 17… er… 4… intelligence agencies and the entire media, and apparently Microsoft, take “medium level” to mean “absolute certainty”).

It’s impossible to attribute cyber attacks – anyone can hide their identities behind layers of proxies and VPNs, and anyone can use the tools developed by various national intelligence organizations.

Most likely, Fancy Bear/APT28/STRONTIUM/wtvr is a CIA/Mossad hoax. Or it may have been completely invented by Crowdstrike. None of this alleged evidence has ever been made public.

Among those targeted were the Hudson Institute, a conservative Washington think tank active in investigations of corruption in Russia, and the International Republican Institute (IRI), a nonprofit group that promotes democracy worldwide. Three other fake sites were crafted to appear as though they were affiliated with the Senate, and one nonpolitical site spoofed Microsoft’s own online products.

So these are now “conservative” targets associated with the GOP and at least nominally pro-Trump… that the Russians are setting up fake versions of their websites for… to… to… do something meddlesome.

The Hudson Institute is a neocon think tank, which advocates for Jewish policies and criticizes the enemies of the Jews.

The IRI is a NGO involved in creating Soros-style popular revolts to overthrow regimes the Jews don’t like. This is right there in their wiki, lol.

Asked about Microsoft’s allegations Tuesday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, “We don’t know what hackers they are talking about.”

Peskov told reporters, “We don’t understand what they mean and what the evidence is, what the conclusions are based on.

No one understands any of this bullshit. That is the whole point. It is just gibberish, meant to confuse people who don’t understand the cyber.

Microsoft, like all these other assholes, is just making baseless, random accusations, defaming Russians.

The phony websites, which were registered with major web-hosting companies, were at my-iri.org, hudsonorg-my-sharepoint.com, senate.group, adfs-senate.services, adfs-senate.email and office365-onedrive.com, according to Microsoft. Their discovery underscores the central role that American tech companies, which frequently have been criticized for hosting Russian disinformation on their platforms, can play in ferreting it out.

Eric Rosenbach, former Pentagon chief of staff and now co-director of Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, applauded Microsoft for quickly announcing its discoveries. He said that companies sometimes can act in ways that governmental agencies cannot because of legal and ethical restrictions.

“The tech sector needs to play a role in protecting elections and protecting campaigns,” Rosenbach said. “The tech sector will have visibility on some of these things that the [National Security Agency] never could and never should.”

Yeah okay, whatever.

But no one should just make up random shit and tell the media and provide no evidence, whether it is MS or the NSA.

Even if they presented the evidence they claim to have, it would mean absolutely nothing. As soon as the commie Venezuela chairman has an assassination attempt on him, the US government says it’s a false flag. There is nothing easier to fake than some weird internet fake website bullshit.

Russian Hackers are the New Ghosts

This alleged “hack” was an attack on neocons after the last alleged “hack” was in support of black nationalists and Aztecs and so on.

Basically, Russian hackers just meddle to be meddlesome now.


They are like ghosts.

Just moving your things around, just to bother you.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.