Lying French Government Says Cocaine Doesn’t Kill Coronavirus

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2020

The lying French government is making a point to say that cocaine specifically does not kill Coronavirus.

Do you trust the French government?

Because I certainly do not.

And from what I’ve read on the internet, Coronavirus can absolutely be killed by snorting cocaine.

It can also be cured by drinking bleach.

Jordan Sather is a big time QAnon expert, and he wouldn’t lie about the healthful effects of drinking bleach.

Maybe this is why Donald Trump isn’t worried about Coronavirus: right now, he’s using it as a weapon to fight the satanic pedophiles, but at any time he can just give a fireside chat and tell everyone to drink bleach and they’ll be cured immediately.

If a combination of snorting coke and drinking bleach doesn’t work, you can buy a magic silver potion from Jim Bakker.

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