Lying Chicago Kikes Claim the Goyim Tried to Firebomb Them!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 21, 2019

Well, Jew, it’s because all power in Western society comes from victimhood, and given that you are the richest people on earth, it takes a lot to keep up your victim status.

Oh, the Jews are being attacked again. Interesting.

Is it another hoax, or are people finally so fed up with these kikes that they’re burning down their synagogues?


The Chicago Police Department (CPD) has increased its presence at several of the city’s Jewish schools, and synagogues after evidence of Molotov cocktails were found outside a Lakeview East synagogue.

Worshippers reported an arson attempt on Anshe Sholom B’nai Israel Congregation where broken bottles, charred cloth, and a scorched wall was discovered at the synagogue on Sunday, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“This synagogue is so central to so many people in this neighborhood, and this is such a wonderful city to be Jewish, so it’s shocking to realize there can be someone so filled with hate to engage in an action like this,” Rabbi David Wolkenfeld told the media.

“Attacks of this sort are intended to frighten and intimidate us, and it is quite natural to feel fear or anxiety,” Wolkenfeld said in a letter to members of the synagogue.

The CPD reported that the evidence suggested that someone tried to set the synagogue aflame around 8:30 a.m. on Sunday.

Despite the three broken glass bottles covered in an unknown substance, the charred cloth, and scorch marks, the building was not seriously damaged.


Seems to be a complete and total hoax, yet again.

Most goyim who are angry at Jews would not target a synagogue. Especially after the last incident.

Jews think that goyim want to attack their synagogues because the Russians and the Poles did that hundreds of years ago, and most of them are from Russia or Poland. And they tell these stories for endless generations, about the endless persecution they’ve endured through no fault of their own. So they end up repeating stuff that sounds like it happened in Russia.

The same is true for the constant Jewish gravestone vandalism – it is always Jews doing it to themselves, based on stories they’ve heard from their grandparents about the goyim of Eastern Europe.

If American goyim were going to lash out at the Jews, they would be much more likely to target banks, Hollywood studios or Silicon Valley.

There were some woke comments on Breitbart, by the way.

Other comments about “anti-Semitic DEMON-RATS” were so stupid I considered slitting my wrists.

But as things are now, there remains a large anti-Semitic commentariat anywhere comments are allowed. And this is comforting.

The goyim already know, which is why we’re being shut down.