Lyin’ Washington Post: The Alt-Right is an Attack on Western Values

Lauritz Von Guildhausen
Daily Stormer
July 13, 2017

(((Jason Willick)))

In a classic display of projection, kike “journalist” (((Jason Willick))) (@jawillick) asserts that the Alt-Right is an enemy of the West.

Willick is a staff writer for The American Interest, a neoconservative rag one could describe as a spin-off of the National Review.

The comments came after a series of articles by fellow tribe members which claimed that Trump’s Poland speech was a thinly veiled white nationalist speech, presumably because they were still butthurt over him choosing to forego a visit to the Polish Holocaust memorial to venerate the six million.

Why can’t you just venerate them goy?

Normally, articles like these aren’t even worth paying attention to, as hollow warnings about white supremacy are a dime a dozen. What makes this article stand out from the kvetching crowd however, is the way it shows a National Review type’s dawning understanding of the storm that is brewing on the horizon.

(((Willick))) writes for the Washington Post:

The speech — a call to arms for a Western civilization ostensibly menaced by decadence and bloat from within and hostile powers from without — was received across the center-left as a thinly veiled apologia for white nationalism. Trump did everything but cite Pepe the Frog,” tweeted the Atlantic’s Peter Beinart. “Trump’s speech in Poland sounded like an alt-right manifesto,” read a Vox headline. According the New Republic’s Jeet Heer, Trump’s “alt-right speech” “redefined the West in nativist terms.”

Thus, the intelligentsia is now flirting with an intellectually indefensible linguistic coup: Characterizing any appeal to the coherence or distinctiveness of Western civilization as evidence of white nationalist sympathies. Such a shift, if accepted, would so expand the scope of the term “alt-right” that it would lose its meaning. Its genuinely ugly ideas would continue to fester, but we would lose the rhetorical tools to identify and repudiate them as distinct from legitimate admiration for the Western tradition. To use a favorite term of the resistance, the alt-right would become normalized.

All rhetoric aside, Shlomo is absolutely right here. By correctly pointing out that Western values are white values and subsequently declaring war on them, liberals are effectively obliterating the civic nationalist position. This in turn leads to a polarization of the Whites who are increasingly forced to pick a side: Anti-White or Pro-White. The net effect of this is the destruction of the left’s most useful tool for keeping Whites idle – Cuckservativism.

Whether or not it’s intentional is highly debatable, but my belief is that the (((people at the top))) are doing this because they are so close to complete control over the country’s political system that all they need is a tiny percent of cucks to swing their way, and they are willing to risk creating a million new white nationalists to achieve this.

Of course, they seem to have forgotten what a large group of awakened Whites are capable of.

So let’s remind them.