Lunatic Jew Conspiracy Theorist Seth Abramson Claims Trump Hired Alex Jones to Overthrow the Government

Lengthen the beard and add some locks and this is the precise face that was kicked out of every European country, repeatedly, over a period of more than 1,000 years.

This may shock you to your very core, but the Jews are at it again.

The unhinged conspiracy theorist Jew Seth Abramson is on Twitter calling for the patriotic hero Alex Jones to be arrested for attending the January 6 protest against the Jew election theft agenda.

Alex is on video telling people not to commit violence, but Abramson has formulated a theory that this was all part of a ploy, and that Jones incited violence and then told people not to commit violence as a way to distract from his violent agenda.

This is the new pilpul narrative that the Jews are planning to use to criminalize all right-wing speech: simply being right-wing, and making right-wing statements, is a form of violence.

What’s more, Abramson is pushing lunatic “ear check” autistic face scanning to form his conspiracy. I actually thought he was joking in some of these tweets, but eventually realized he was not.

Look at this:

The overall context here is the lunatic claim that Donald Trump used Rudy Giuliani to plot an “insurrection” to be led by Alex Jones, which would result in a coup.

It’s based on Jones’ own statements – made immediately after the Capitol Storm event – that Donald Trump wanted him to lead a march.

I have no idea where the claim he was paid $500,000 came from, and according to Alex – who is the source here – he didn’t ever finalize the deal with the White House to lead the march. As all of us who watched the event (or attended it) know, Alex didn’t lead the main march to the Capitol, and instead stayed behind and tried to gather people together to go to the Capitol.

The plan was clearly for Alex to give a bullhorn speech outside of the Capitol, and then just hope Mike Pence refused to confirm the results. However, that plan went south when the Capitol Police opened up the doors to the Capitol and started waving people to come inside the building.

Then people from the FBI-run Proud Boys broke some windows.

And some people from the FBI-run Oath Keepers ran around in the hallways texting each other that they were going to “release the gas.”

The true story is just dumb and ridiculous, and also very simple: the feds knew that there was going to be a protest march to the Capitol, so they ordered the cops to let them in, so they could then claim that the protesters illegally broke in. Then they ordered their fed plants to do weird things.

You can find more details about the wacky conspiracy version of these events on Abramson’s substack – oh wait, sorry. No, you can’t.

Not unless you’re willing to pay him $5 a month.

Seriously – $5 a month to read this Jew’s personal blog. I’ve never seen that before in my life.

It is hard to tell how much of this is legitimate Jewish paranoid delusion, and how much of it is just standard Jewish lying. Those two things ALWAYS blur together, and they seem to feed on each other. That is to say, Jews are such finks that they don’t always even know when they’re lying, and they can easily start believing their own lies after they’ve said them enough times.

From what I’ve seen of Abramson specifically, he is actually totally unhinged, and believes that normal white Americans represent an immediate, existential threat to Jews. But he is also hyping up conspiracy theories and then making you pay to see them, which is a standard guru model – so it’s also possible he’s just laughing all the way to the bank at the goyish morons who will buy into this claptrap.

In last week’s conspiracy piece, he claimed that right-wingers are the real cancel culture, and revealed that he’d discovered a secret conspiracy by Patriots.Win (formerly TheDonald.Win, which was formerly r/TheDonald before they were banned from reddit). What he “discovered” and “revealed” was a list of companies that right-wingers should boycott because they ban right-wingers. He then uses the term “cancel culture” to refer to boycotting mega-corporations over political censorship. He says it is pinnacle of hypocrisy for right-wingers to unsubscribe to Disney+ after Disney fired Gina Carano for saying she doesn’t hate white people. It’s actually confusing to even describe what he is trying to say.

Meanwhile, he’s of course been vocal in trying to get Tucker Carlson fired by targeting his advertisers.

But there are goyim who will pay this Jew $5 a month to read these strange theories and then go around repeating them.

That’s the issue here: goyim actually go along with these Jews and their agenda, and will actually take it on as their own agenda, despite the fact that it harms their own interests. If the Jewish agenda was really good for white people, then why are white people fleeing California, and every other place in the country that the Jews have destroyed with mass immigration, de-policing, and legalizing hard drugs?

These people are like zombies; the Jewish media is attached to their brains like brain slugs.

This is the underlying point behind all of this: it is not simply that “Jews tend to be leftist.” It is that none of these leftist ideas would exist if Jews didn’t create them. The anti-white agenda is the pure embodiment of the highest form of Jewish paranoia and ancient hatred for Christian people.

Mass immigration is the most obvious thing to point to here. America could have existed for 10,000 years, and no one ever would have said: “Hey, let’s open up the borders and start flooding the country with third worlders who will come to our country and do nothing but live on welfare and commit crimes. That will be our greatest strength.” Only a Jew could ever come up with that idea.

Non-Jewish homosexual pedophiles might have tried to create the child tranny agenda, but it would have been impossible to force through without control of the media, and white homosexuals couldn’t have taken over the media in the way Jews managed to do.

It is so exhausting that the entire left-wing is made up of Jewish puppets. All of these people, out there demanding all of these things – their entire existence is defined by being tools of the Jews. Everything that they think, everything they care about, everything they believe in – everything that they are as people – was manufactured by Jews and drilled into their heads by Jews.

Feminism, socialism, homosexualism, trannyism, endless war – all of these are fake beliefs that people take on because Jews manipulate their thoughts and emotions.

The right wing is much better, but still beholden to Jews.

However, that is changing.

Alex Jones himself used to be a Zionist – now, he is backing away from that position. Recently, he had Nick Fuentes on to debate poor Robert Barnes on the issue of Zionism. Alex allowed Nick to say whatever he wanted, and Barnes was left totally thunderstruck, eventually reverting to accusing Nick of being a Nazi for not believing we should give infinity money to Jews. (Barnes was totally incapable of doing anything but repeating the word “Islamofascism” over and over again, but we did not learn how supporting Israel “helps our interests.”)

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If I had to guess, I would wonder if Abramson’s attack is not related to that debate.

When you notice that, you can kind of understand why for so long Jones tried to not address the hook-nosed elephant in the room.

I don’t think Jones will be arrested over this. But this is a signal that Jews are turning up the heat on him.

Society is at a crossroads, where we are either going to go full-Jew or revolt against the Jews. The Jews know that and they are trying to ratchet up the pressure.

Truly the most ridiculous experience of my life has been being called a “hater” by the Jews, who are the most hateful group of people which has ever existed on the earth.

Abramson is a primo example.

Just sit there for a minute and think about all those different terms they have invented to dehumanize us. They spray these buzzwords, constantly, then back it up with ridiculous portrayals of whites in entertainment media, in order to brainwash us into hating ourselves.

I grew up in a normal house, with a normal family. I had normal struggles, and normal desires. I have never in my life oppressed anyone. I have never tried to hurt anyone. I’ve certainly never owned slaves or committed a genocide.

This is true of all white people I’ve ever met. We are not evil. We are not even bad. We are just people. But these Jews have spent decades now convincing us that we don’t have a right to exist. They then say “no it’s time for immigration, so you can stop existing!”

Meanwhile, Jews literally believe that we only exist to serve them. That is in their religious texts, but it is also simply the way secular Jews behave. Chuck Schumer is not a religious Jew, and yet he clearly believes that the purpose of America is to serve Jews and the state of Israel. He is allegedly an “American,” but claims that his role in the American government is help Israel, and that the purpose of his existence is to serve Israel by using the blood and treasure of the American people.

Schumer’s view of whites, right now, in 2021, is much more extreme than the view that any plantation owner had of blacks hundreds of years ago.

It’s sick and it’s evil what these Jews do. I think that’s a good meme I just made of Seth Abramson, as it really condenses just how much dehumanization we’ve been exposed to. When you look at your own life and the things you’ve done – does it connect to any of that? At all?

The cry of the so-called “white racist” is simply: “please, just leave us alone.”

Jewish supremacists meanwhile take over all of our institutions and use them to destroy our families and our entire civilization while funneling our wealth to themselves.

I’ll tell you straight: At this point in my life, no, I don’t like black people. I don’t like Moslems. I definitely do not like Jews. I dislike these people because of the way they behave. That is my right. I don’t have to like these people, who by all accounts want me dead. That does not mean that I have oppressed them, that does not mean that I owe them something.

None of us owe any of these people anything.

That’s how we have to start thinking: we have to start asserting the fact that we have a right to exist and we owe these people nothing.

We also really need to start thinking if we want these Jews in our country. They have their own racially pure state in the Middle East, and I think it is time we start demanding that they go there, and leave us alone.


I know it’s pointless to even say it, but I would love to debate Seth Abramson about the events of January 6. I would love to debate any of these Jews who are claiming it was an “insurrection.”

But they never will debate it, for the same reason the government won’t release the thousands of hours of security camera footage: the only reason people went inside the building was that the cops opened the doors and invited them in. That is a known fact, we have footage of it happening at multiple doors, but it will never be acknowledged.

It is truly amazing how stupid the narrative is. The amazing part is that goyim will believe it.