Lunatic Former Virginia Governor Says Trump Should be Impeached for Talking to Putin

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 13, 2018

Understand this thing, folks: the left is a Jewish conspiracy.

The right is too, but… not entirely. At least there are some goy-controlled bases on the right. And even a lot of places on the right where Jews have influence are still goy-controlled, technically. So the whole thing is just not a totally gigantic organized Jewish conspiracy in the way the left is.

So they needed some lunatic with some clout to go out there and say that Trump should be impeached for even talking to Putin. Someone bigger than a New York Times Jew.

Enter Terry O’McAuliffe, the lunatic former Virginia governor who attacked us as terrorists after Charlottesville. He’s not currently serving in an elected office, so he has nothing to burn right now. And when he decides he wants to run for office again (he is probably going to run for President in 2020), people will not be remembering that he said this “lolwut” thing.

The Hill:

Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) ripped into President Trump on Sunday, suggesting he should be impeached over his behavior at a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this summer in Helsinki.

Trump should “stop bear-hugging Putin,” McAuliffe told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”

Trump was widely criticized by both Republicans and Democrats for siding with Putin at a news conference over U.S. intelligence experts on the issue of Russian election meddling.

McAuliffe, a former Democratic National Committee chairman who held top spots in Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns, began attacking Trump for his comments hours after he made them, tweeting that the president had “violated his oath to preserve, protect and defend…against all enemies foreign and domestic.”
On Sunday, McAuliffe said that impeachment for Trump’s behavior at Helsinki is “something we oughta look at.”

“Imagine this, that President Clinton or President Obama had travelled to Helsinki and done what Trump had done, you would already have impeachment trials,” McAuliffe told Tapper.

Putin “is a foe he fights us every single day. We’re battling him all over the globe,” McAuliffe said.

“They’re undermining our country.”

Just so you understand what I’m saying here: the Jews needed someone to come out and say this, so the idea would be in the headlines with a name attached to a high government position attached to it, so they brought out this guy to go on kike Tapper’s Sunday show and make this statement – then every news site is able to run with the headline, TV news is able to repeatedly cite it.

This is the way the media is organized. They use different elements, call up different people, to comprehensively build a fake reality.

And new fake realities built on existing fake realities. The “Putin is evil, he is the enemy” is a complicated narrative with no actual basis in reality that has been built over the last four years.

They tried to start it up when they decided to fund a revolution in Georgia in 2008, but it didn’t really take off – honestly, I think part of why they stopped trying to push it there was because the type of person they are selling this stuff to couldn’t understand that there is a former Soviet state called “Georgia.”

Whatever the case, the anti-Russian media hysteria started in earnest when the US and EU paid mercenaries to overthrow the government of the Ukraine, and portrayed Putin as pure evil for protesting this bizarre event.

Then the media went into full overdrive when Putin started killing ISIS terrorists in Syria, portraying ISIS as the good guys fighting the evil dictator Assad.

All of that was the run-up for the narrative that Putin “hacked the election.” None of this alleged “hacking” has ever been explained. They just come out with something fake in the media like “17 intelligence agencies agree,” and then repeat it six million times, then when it is proven to be false they just stop mentioning it. For the dim-witted and/or uninformed – who are always the target demographic of a universal suffrage democracy – it doesn’t matter that the claims are later proven false, as the impression is still there.

If you went out on the street and asked people “did 17 intelligence agencies conclude that Russia hacked the 2016 election,” most of them would say yes – even most of Trump’s supporters would say something like “they did, but I don’t agree with that.”

The initial claim was that even the Department of Energy – which the media called an “intelligence agency” – had agreed that Russia hacked the DNC server.

In fact, it was only 4 intelligence agencies – the CIA, FBI, NSA and Director of National Intelligence – that “agreed” to a report that was released by the private cybersecurity company “Crowdstrike,” which is owned by an anti-Putin Russian, was hired directly by the DNC, and was caught committing fraud in their analysis and forced to recant.

No intelligence agency ever analyzed the server or even had access to it.

But that soundbyte – “17 intelligence agencies agree” – was repeated so many thousands of times, and when it came out that the New York Times had simply made that number up out of nowhere, it was not widely announced that it had been a lie, they just stopped saying it. So the average man on the street still has that soundbyte in his brain.

That’s just an example – every other anti-Russian hoax falls apart the same way. But they build on each other. To the point where you can have a high-level former government official saying that Trump should be impeached for simply talking to Putin – he is just that evil, that even having a conversation with him should result in removal from office.

To a significant portion of the American population, the media saying “Donald Trump met with Putin” is like the entire priesthood coming out and saying to people in the Middle Ages “the king went to a witch’s den and did a blood ritual to summon up the devil.”

That is an almost perfect analogy, in fact.

The media are the priest class of the new Jewish religion, which has been called in technical terms “secular humanism,” but is generally not referred to by a name. It is simply an underlying ideology that is behind the entire Jewish establishment of the media, Hollywood, multinational corporations and most of the government, that is fed to the people exactly as every other religion in history has been fed to the people.

We need to understand this content. The mob of anti-white, anti-American madmen are not being driven by “alternative facts.” They are being driven by deliberately manufactured religious fervor.

Because the drive toward religion is a fundamental part of human nature, and the Jews have an instinctive understanding of this fact, they are able to exploit it to maximum effect.