Lukashenko Says Riots a Foreign Hoax – “They’re Controlling Our Sheep Who Don’t Know What They’re Doing”

Alexander Lukashenko is a gift to the world.

Aside from Sweden, Belarus is the only country in Europe that didn’t do this insane lockdown. However, not only did Lukashenko refuse to lock down, he also called out the whole thing a Western plot.

Now, with foreign agents rioting in his streets, stirring up the peasants, claiming that somehow – somehow – he should have lost the election (despite the fact that his approval rating is upwards of 80%), he is calling this out in clear terms.


The violent protests across Belarus after Sunday’s presidential election were directed from abroad, re-elected President Alexander Lukashenko claimed. He also blamed foreign countries for internet connection troubles.

The country’s special services intercepted phone calls from Poland, UK and the Czech Republic on election day, Lukashenko said.

“…They were controlling our, I beg your pardon, sheep: they don’t understand what they’re doing and they’re being controlled already.”

Switching off the internet in Belarus wasn’t the government’s initiative – it was also done from abroad, he added.

The president promised that he won’t allow a Maidan-style coup, like the one in Ukraine in 2014, in his country, urging the protesters to “calm down,” as cited by state-run BelTA news agency.

He also advised parents to look after their children – who join the rallies – better to “avoid pain” in the future. Massive protests engulfed the capital Minsk and other Belarusian cities after the polls closed on Sunday.

Belarusians who get involved in this foreign coup attempt are literally sheep. There is no other word for them. Unless they are homosexuals who want access to boys, there is simply no issue they could take with his government.

What exactly could they possibly want? What does it even mean that he is a “dictator”?

The people of Belarus have as many freedoms as the population of any other country. Sad to say, in fact, they have legal abortion and divorce. They can get tattoos. They can go out to a disco club. They can have their hipster communes.

What could they possibly be demanding?

What does it mean that they want “freedom”?

Again, other than the gay thing, if you look at it in actual, practical terms, there is nothing that these people could possibly want to do that they’re not allowed to do.

So, the only reason these people would be out in the streets rioting is that they’ve been stirred up, confused by someone with an agenda. They’ve been sold some silly romantic bullshit by Hollywood movies, maybe, as well.

Who knows?

They do not know what they’re doing.

But saying “foreigners are stirring up our sheep” is so great.

But he shouldn’t just say Poland – he should say the root of it, which is the US State Department and various organizations within the EU. That is where it is coming from. That is where the Maidan came from. That is the source of globalism.

This is about globalism. The people who occupy the US government – shall we say, “THE JEWS” – are attempting to create a one world government and in order to do that they have to depose Russia. They depose Russia by weakening Russia. They weaken Russia by breaking off pieces of Russia’s sphere of influence, as they’ve been doing ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Russian sphere of influence in Europe up until 1989:

Russian sphere of influence in Europe in 2020:

Meanwhile, they’ve lost major pieces of their country in Central Asia, and don’t have the influence they had in the rest of Asia.

Vladimir Putin managed to keep Russia from being completely absorbed into the Western power structure, and ever since, they’ve been working to destroy him, to bring about their New World Order.

It is better for the whole world if there is more than one center of power. If there is only one center of power, they can do absolutely whatever they want to you and you have no capacity whatsoever to resist. At all.

That is what they want. They want a global government ruled out of Israel, where all goyim are servants of the Jews. This is a fantasy dream of the Jews, that they’ve had for a long time, but somehow, we’ve allowed them to bring it right up to the edge of becoming an actual reality.

It will be hell on earth for all non-Jews if this is allowed to happen. They will force us all to live in their deranged desert cult world of ancient demons and human sacrifice.

We do not want this.

Everyone should support the independence of Russia and of Russia-aligned countries.

This is very important.