Lukashenko Calls Out NATO Plot to Use Belarus as a Base Against Russia, Open Up the Market

Virtually no one is reporting in English the statements of the leader of Belarus, probably for obvious reasons.

The Arabs at Al-Jazeera promote liberal policies in the US, because of course they’re trying to destroy the country. When it comes to foreign situations, however, they’re more likely to let some info slip.


Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has accused NATO of hatching aggressive plans and threatened neighbours Lithuania and Poland with counter-sanctions.

Lukashenko, who has ruled the 9.5-million nation in Eastern Europe with an iron fist since 1994, blamed the West for fomenting demonstrations in Belarus in hopes of turning it into a “bridgehead against Russia”.

“They want to topple this government and replace it with another one that would ask a foreign country to send troops in support,” he said on Friday. “They want our market to sell their products.”

Mic drop.

NATO has rejected previous such claims by Lukashenko.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said this week that Lukashenko tries to conjure up the image of outside forces threatening Belarus as an excuse for his crackdown on the opposition, which has seen hundreds of protesters beaten by police.

Protests have been fuelled by growing weariness about Lukashenko’s rule, his cavalier dismissal of the coronavirus pandemic and a bruising economic fallout from the outbreak in a country where living standards were already sinking.

Imagine that people are protesting because he didn’t do a lockdown, and they ostensibly want to be locked down.

Oh but without a lockdown, millions of people must have died, da?

Actually, nyet.

There was never any need for a lockdown anywhere, it was a total hoax. The purpose of the lockdown was to make sure hospitals weren’t overwhelmed, to “flatten the curve” as they said. This new indefinite lockdown is obviously just to destroy Western economies and cause mass trauma to build a state for forced social change.

No one can deny that.

I’m sure it’s affecting Belarus’ economy that the West locked down though, because they’re not a closed country, and their economy has a lot of exports. It’s of course nothing near what would have happened to the economy if Lukashenko hadn’t called bullshit on the coronavirus hoax.

The West was calling on him to suspend the election that he allegedly stole, while he was calling the virus a hoax. The AFP reported this before the election. But in general, his statements about the virus – that the lockdown is a Western plot, and the virus is only the flu – are only published in Russian and Chinese.

He’s a great man, which is why the West won’t tolerate him.

We have to wonder if his resistance to the virus isn’t indeed why they decided to pull this revolution now. Although, I’m sure he’s been on the list for a while.

But it looks as though Belarus will weather this storm.

We have to wonder if Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanokovich wouldn’t have faired better if he’d called out the revolution in his country in such obvious terms.

What Lukashenko must do moving forward is get a right-wing squad of fact-obsessed youths that are endorsed by the government and fight against Western degeneracy, a la, the right-wing English-speaking internet in real life. If they are made culturally relevant, through fashionability, they will serve as a barrier to this sort of thing in the future.

You could get to the point where you will not see a single heterosexual male on the street of any of these protests, as they will be too ashamed that they are supporting anal sex and blacks being brought in to have sex with their women.


I would like to announce that no later than my 50th birthday, I will begin sporting a Lukashenko-style combover.

This is the way.