Lowe’s Donates Lawnmower to 9-Year-Old Robbed by Negro – Boy Proven White

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 10, 2018

So in the last article I wrote about this I couldn’t find a picture of the kid. Usually with kids that’s the case, because of victim protection policy or some similar thing.

However, he is shown in this video where Lowe’s gives the boy a lawnmower to start a new business.

Now we just need a sporting goods store to give him firearm courses and a .22 for self defense.

(That is a joke).


Deputies are looking for a teenager who they said robbed a 9-year-old’s lemonade stand at gunpoint over the weekend.

“I opened the box, he grabbed it, pushed the gun at me and ran away,” victim Mark David said.

David, who runs the neighborhood lemonade stand in the traffic circle at the St. Johns community’s front entrance, was robbed on Saturday, police said.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office told Channel 9 that the stickup happened near a traffic roundabout on Johns Forest Lane in Monroe.

“In today’s world, people are very bold,” Union County spokesman Tony Underwood said. “Criminals are very bold. This is a new low.”

Underwood said less than $20 in cash was stolen.

Channel 9 learned the boy was saving his money in order to buy a lawnmower. Mooresville-based Lowe’s heard about the story and donated a new-pony model riding lawnmower to him.

“It’s pretty cool what you’re trying to do at such a young age, and tell you what, it’s pretty awesome to be a part of it,” Lowe’s store manager Chris Beatty said.

This also gives me an idea. This is obviously really good optics for Lowe’s, since helping 9-year-olds who were robbed is considered by most to be a good thing.

Maybe some of our groups could gather some of that goodwill. Just some of our groups go out in normal clothes, not discuss anything to do with any politics at all, and just help White victims of negro crime (or just being helpful to the community in general in a way that doesn’t preach to people) to gain status in the community. This is less for any political purposes and more for security. If you get doxxed and have a reputation as a generally good guy, you’re more likely to not get lynched by the neighbors.

A lot of neighbors who hear about it will also associate you less with ebil neon-Nazism and more with your good nature, which will push them to think that we’re not bad guys (we aren’t, but people think we are).

It would also probably help you in normie life, since it could open new opportunities for you (maybe a guy knows the guy you helped and offers you a lead on work or something).

Obviously I don’t mean buy people lawnmowers or whatever, just find some way to be useful which isn’t weird/autistic.