Lovely Peaches and the Differences in the Races

The media constantly talks about how “race” is equivalent to “skin color.” Obviously, that’s something of an oversimplification, even if you believe in the media narrative. At the very least, a “race is only skin deep” theorist would admit that the facial features are unique between the races, something which we notice on albino negroes.

Albino negroes are actually freakish. Nature made the negro features to fit their skin color.

Of course, everyone on earth fundamentally understands that there is more to race than skin color. Most white people don’t say it, because they were first convinced it was impolite to say it, then they were threatened with having their entire life destroyed for saying it.

Those like myself who are willing to deal with the consequences for the sake of defending truth will usually first note that the most meaningful biological gap between races is the IQ gap. The average white IQ across virtually all European and diaspora countries is 100 or just around there. Some African nations have average IQs below 70, while American negroes have an average IQ of 80.

The Jews continue to claim that IQ can significantly change as a result of education. They will try to dazzle you with gibberish when presenting this claim, but the ultimate reality is that while it would be hard to find a white person who has had no education in modern times, anyone can understand that an uneducated Chinese rice farmer has an IQ fully 30 points higher than a Somalian who attended a United Nations funded high school, and 40 points higher than an Australian Aboriginal who attended a normal Western school.

By the way, to be clear, when I say “the Jews” make this claim, I don’t mean that in a general sense, but rather a very specific sense. Everyone who promotes this agenda shares the blood of those who murdered our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – those who view truth the same way that a normal person views a baby rapist. The claim that “race doesn’t exist” was originally forwarded by the Jew Franz Boas, who claimed that babies’ skulls were a different shape based on what continent they are born on. He said that your race would change if you were born in a different place. Boas died in 1942, and although the development of genetics proved his theory retarded, it would take six decades for scientists to get around to testing the obviously retarded claim about morphing skulls and proving it false. Boas had falsified the data, in order to push lies about the nature of race.

Today, if you Google around about race and IQ, you’ll find that it is still Jews promoting the idea that there is no genetic basis to it, more or less exclusively.

Basically, the claim that race is a “social construct” is a prerequisite for the Jewish plan to create a borderless one world government ruled by Jews. It’s important to them. They’ve pushed it so hard that it’s now affecting the science of human genetics. Last year, an Indian woman, Angela Saini, wrote a celebrated book, “Superior,” in which she argued that genetic research was “enabling racism,” and basically claimed that the entire science of human genetics needed to be curtailed, as it leads people to believe in racial differences which, according to her, do not exist.

Saini lives in Britain and identifies as “British.” So it is a fight she has a dog in. Jews encourage this sort of thing, obviously, because they don’t want to be the only ones saying it. It’s a general Jewish strategy to indoctrinate brown people and women to serve as proxies for their various nefarious agendas against the White Christian Man.

There are of course other differences beyond appearance and intelligence. Negroes, for instance, tend to have significantly higher testosterone levels. In actual fact, some studies have shown that the average African-American male has more than 15% higher testosterone than the average white male.

This makes logical sense. In Africa, children (and adults for that matter) had a much higher chance of dying than in Europe or Asia, due to various environmental factors which are presumably self-explanatory. This meant that Africans had to have a higher birth rate in order to replace the people they were losing. That meant they needed to be a horny people. Testosterone provides the sex drive for both men and women. Further, excess testosterone is associated with aggression and violence.

Abated by the low IQ, the high birthrate created a feedback loop, where the number of children blacks were having led to very low-effort parenting. A negro child must then fend for himself very early on, due to the lack of effort expended on him by his parents. That starts very early. A black infant can hold his own head up without support almost immediately after birth, while a white infant needs to be lying down or have someone hold his head until he is 6 months old. Blacks then experience all developmental milestones earlier than whites, up through puberty.

These differences in levels of childcare are presently on full display with the case of Lovely Peaches (Brittany Johnson), a black TikToker.

This 19-year-old woman has claimed publicly to be beating, torturing, pimping out and otherwise physically abusing her 2-year-old daughter. One woman doing this could be a fluke. What could not be a fluke is that all of her fans are black, while all of the whites who see her videos are begging for the police to come take her children from her.

Blacks have a culture that almost completely disregards the wellbeing of children, and which glorifies violence. They watch this sort of thing and laugh, and maybe say something like, “man, that bitch fuggggged up! She off the hook!” They do not have any instinct to help the child, nor are they repulsed by the abuse.

Last month, the entirely white group of people opposing her child abuse regime apparently succeeded in having Lovely Peaches’ child taken from her.

What is notable is that in virtually every other context – up to and often including the context of murder itself – black people are above reproach in our society. Child abuse appears to be the one place where white people are willing to openly criticize blacks. There was even a boomer involved.

Imagine it – a boomer criticizing a black person!

This is the extent to which white people care about the protection of children.

It’s a fascinating look into the differences, and certainly demonstrates that they are not abstract or theoretical, but very real and meaningful differences that affect the most basic functioning of society, and arguably make it either difficult or impossible to maintain a peaceful society with both white and black citizens.

You should watch this video.