Love Science: Paris Mandates Masks for 11 Years and Up

We’ve got a full war against the maskless going on across the Western world.


Paris on Saturday made face masks compulsory outdoors in crowded areas and tourist hotspots, as infections in and around the French capital rose and the global death toll crept past 722,000.

The decision to make face masks mandatory outdoors in Paris and its surrounding areas from Monday morning was widely expected after a formal request earlier in the week by mayor Anne Hidalgo.

The mask will be obligatory for all those aged 11 and over “in certain very crowded zones”, said a police statement.

They include the banks of the Seine River and more than a 100 streets in the French capital, including tourist destinations like Montmartre, where the Sacre Coeur basilica is located.

Several French towns and cities have already introduced similar measures, as well as parts of Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania and Spain.

Meanwhile, in Denmark, they think there is no evidence that masks help anything.

If a major developed country such as Denmark can come to this conclusion, it seems difficult to believe it is pure science that masks absolutely stop the virus.