Louisiana: 11-Year-Old Black Kid Carjacks a School Bus, Takes It for a Joyride

When I saw the headline, I was hoping it was a white kid with some balls.

But no: all the white kids are on Ritalin and tranny hormones.

Props to the black kid for not giving an f and doing his best to bring down the system.

In the picture it looks like it’s probably a mulatto – so maybe we can split the racial glory?


An 11-year-old boy in Louisiana is facing multiple charges after allegedly stealing a school bus and taking it for a joyride.

Police in Baton Rouge, La. allege the preteen saw the bus at an early childhood education centre, figured out how to turn it on and began driving.

Video from the incident on Sunday shows a school bus being chased by several police vehicles.

The chase lasted about half an hour before the bus crashed into a gas line and a tree in a woman’s front yard, causing severe damage to the bus.

“Thank goodness he was okay,” Libby Smith, owner of the property where bus crashed, told CNN.

Frankly, he kind of pussied out.

He should have been able to ride that ride a bit longer, and not crash into a house.

Frankly, however, I think it’s probably not that easy to drive a school bus. I’m an ultra-expert vehicle operator, and it would take me a minute. The kid must have been paying some attention and planning this for a while.