Louis Vuitton Now Selling Luxury Face Shield

Now that is sexy.

As soon as Anthony Fauci said that people should start wearing goggles, I told you it was inevitable that the government will pass goggles decrees, and force you to wear them.

This is getting ramped up to the max, presently.


With no end in sight to the coronavirus pandemic, it looks like protective face wear is here to stay.

But who says it can’t be stylish?

Throughout the pandemic, designers have been releasing their take on face masks — luxury versions include Off-White’s popular $95 Arrow logo face mask and Burberry’s vintage check cotton design, retailing for £90 ($115).

And now, Louis Vuitton is taking it a step further, releasing a luxury face shield that’s designed to be “both stylish and protective,” the French fashion house said in a statement.

The “eye-catching” LV Shield transitions from clear to dark in sunlight, protecting wearers from the sun. It also features golden studs engraved with Louis Vuitton’s brand name and an elastic, monogrammed headband. The visor can also be worn upward as a classic peaked cap, according to the label.

Pricing has not yet been announced, but as a high-end fashion brand, it’s not likely to be cheap. Other Louis Vuitton head wear, including hats and sunglasses, sell for hundreds of dollars.

The face shield will be sold online and at select Louis Vuitton stores starting on October 30.

It’s all just cute and a big fun time game.

At some point in the fall, they are going to start requiring you to wear goggles or a face shield.

They are also going to require you to wear masks outside in the air and while in your home alone.

I will not be surprised if they start talking about how people should wear masks while they sleep so they don’t infect their wife with the coronavirus. Then they will start marketing masks you wear in the shower.

None if it is going to end, because the masses of people are bought in and they are just going to go along with anything.

Listen: later this afternoon, Anthony Fauci could come out and say:

Oh well, jeez, I’ve seen research now that shows that the coronavirus can be transmitted through farts. I think that people who want to be on the safe side should be wearing buttplugs, because we have to stop the spread and right now we’re just not there yet.

Some people might be thinking, “okay, well, I don’t fart very much, I can hold it in if I’m in a crowd of people, I’m not going to infect anyone.” Well, those people need to think about their own safety. If they’re not wearing a buttplug, someone around them could fart, and they could end up sucking someone else’s fart into their own anus, and getting infected that way. We have studies now that show if you’re not wearing a buttplug, you can suck someone else’s fart into your anus.

This virus is so deadly, we just have to follow the science, and right now, the science is clear that if we want to be safe, people need to start wearing buttplugs.

Can any single one of you tell me that if he said that, that this would be some final straw, and the people would finally start resisting?

No, none of you will tell me that, because you all know: there is no point at which the people who have bought into this are going to buy out of it. They are insane. They’ve gone all in. They’re staying in. They will stick a buttplug into their butthole so that they don’t get infected with coronavirus by sucking someone else’s fart into their anus.

The only way out of this would be for someone to show real leadership, and tell people it’s over.