Los Angeles: Mexican Ninja Launches Exciting Midnight Assault on Special Forces Troops

Remember when news websites used to do “weird news” sections?

Now, all the news is weird.


A man suited up in ninja gear launched a daring nighttime assault on US Special Forces troops at an airfield north of LA, slashing one with a katana and hurling a large rock at another before fleeing. He was later arrested.

Identified as Gino Rivera, 35, the man showed up at the Inyokern Airport – located in the Mojave Desert some 100 miles north of Los Angeles, California – around 1am on September 18, decked out in a ninja get-up and wielding a large sword, the Kern County Sheriff’s office announced on Friday.

“On 9/18/21 at 1:10AM, Ridgecrest Substation deputies responded to Inyokern Airport for an assault with a deadly weapon. Deputies discovered the suspect had assaulted a victim with a sword and thrown a rock through a hangar window, hitting an additional victim in the head,” said the sheriff’s office, which was called in to assist the Ridgecrest PD.

When Ridgecrest deputies arrived at the scene, Rivera reportedly “refused to follow commands and brandished a sword,” the sheriff’s office continued, adding that “non-lethal rounds were deployed but were ineffective.” The suspect then fled, prompting a chase, after which he was tasered and “dropped the sword,” allowing officers to make an arrest.

The bizarre incident – first noted by Stars and Stripes, the Pentagon’s official press organ – was initially outlined in an unconfirmed military incident report that appeared on social media.

The report states that an unnamed army staff sergeant – referred to only as “SSG” in the document – was smoking a cigarette near a hangar at the airfield “when an unknown person wearing full ninja garb, [including] a katana sword,” approached him.

“The person wearing the ninja garb stated ‘Do you know who I am?’ SSG replied ‘No.’ The unknown person then asked ‘Do you know where my family is?’ SSG again stated ‘No,’” the report said.

“At this point, the person in ninja garb began to slash at SSG, striking his phone and his knee and leg. SSG immediately began running through the parking lot trying to evade the unknown person. SSG jumped the fence and entered the [airport’s administrative] building.”

I told you that these lockdowns and all the other weird virus hoaxery was going to drive everyone insane.

The only thing that’s really shocked me is how long it’s taking for things to get even more weird.

You might be asking: what were the motivations of this Mexican ninja?

What you need to understand is that the alienation caused by this virus hoaxery – the isolation, the masks, the restrictions on basic discussion – are driving everyone into their own brains. Any human who is locked in his own brain is going to go in all different types of weird directions, as there is no “society” and therefore there is no “reality.”

I’ve been watching John Carpenter’s Apocalypse trilogy, and while I don’t really agree with many of the core ideas, what I will say is this: even though there is an eternal and unchangeable truth dictated by God and his natural order, what humans consider “reality” is based on consensus. When you block the ability for humans to interact in a normal social manner, with lockdowns, masks and hardcore speech restrictions, you are necessarily going to collapse “reality” as everyone is driven into their own head. Anyone who exists exclusively in their own head for an extended period of time is going to become “insane,” as they cannot possibly maintain a connection to reality.

Note: These last two paragraphs are better than both the Duterte and Antifa articles combined. Just so you know, I’m writing this AFTER I wrote those (even though they will appear higher on the page, because they are heavier on content, which is what the people want most of all, even if it is a garbled mess). So there could be hope for today’s articles after all.