Lord Fauci Says the Omicron is Probably Already in America, Will Go Everywhere

You cannot stop the Omicron.

The Omicron will stop you.

The most deadly ever virus in all of history has just turned the page on a new level of death.

New York Post:

The new Omicron variant of the coronavirus could already be in the United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Saturday, as countries such as Israel implemented a strict new ban on foreigners and the UK took further steps to contain the “monstrous,” wildly contagious new strain.

Fears rocketed globally as the variant, discovered only last week in South Africa, was newly detected in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Israel said it planned to ban all foreigners from the country for two weeks, after confirming a single case caused by Omicron there and seven other suspected cases.

It has not been detected in the US, but Fauci, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director told “Weekend Today” that, “I would not be surprised if it is (here).”

“When you have a virus that is showing this degree of transmissibility and you’re already having travel-related cases that they’ve noted in Israel and Belgium and other places, when you have a virus like this, it almost invariably is ultimately going to go essentially all over,” Fauci said.

Lord Fauci, the ultimate shaper of physical reality (he uses his thoughts to change matter), is making a whole lot of money off of this stupid hoax.

But that has nothing to do with why he fights against the viruses.

He fights against the viruses because he loves you. You are all his children. His one and only deepest desire is to stop you from dying of a harmless flu virus that there is no evidence even exists.

He is the most moral person who ever lived in all of human existence.