Lord Fauci Demands People Who Criticize or Question Him be Fired

It’s been clear for years now that Anthony Fauci believes that he is some kind of god.

This was never more obvious than this week, when he demanded that Jesse Watters be “fired on the spot” for stating that Fauci has made inaccurate statements.

The Hill:

Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease doctor, is calling for the firing of a prominent host on Fox News following comments the host made suggesting activists ambush Fauci and go for a rhetorical “kill shot” to his credibility.

At an event for the conservative grassroots organization Turning Point USA this week, Jesse Watters, a longtime Fox News personality and current co-host of “The Five,” said critics of Fauci should approach him in public and go for “the kill shot” by pressing him about his the veracity of the statements and guidance he has given on coronavirus during the pandemic.

“This is where you say Dr. Fauci you funded risky research at a sloppy Chinese lab. The same lab that sprung this pandemic on the world. You know what people don’t trust you, don’t you?” Watters said while speaking on stage at the event. “Boom. He is dead! His dead. He’s done. You do that 30 seconds, it’s all you need.”

Watters told the activists to “be respectful” and identify themselves before ambushing Fauci but also urged them to record the confrontation and send it to Fox News and other leading players in the conservative media ecosystem.

“Get us that! That’s what we want,” he said. “That changes the whole conversation of the country.”

Here are Watters’ statements at the event.

Fauci needs a better PR team, but apparently, like Kamala Harris, he is just too self-obsessed and narcissistic to allow a functional PR team.

He easily could have said “emotions are running high, and this situation has become politicized, and I am a public figure and people have a right to be critical of me.”

Instead he said that he is perfect and that anyone who doubts that should be destroyed.

But I guess he doesn’t feel he needs to behave like a normal human being, because he knows he has an army of astroturfed cult members who will spam the heavily censored social media platforms with lunatic claims that any criticism of Fauci is a death threat.

It should scare everyone to have people like Fauci in charge of this country. This is not a stable person, he is not a person with normal human thought processes, emotions, or empathy. He has the psychological profile of a serial killer or a Cenobite.

The man literally tortures puppies.

We are not in a safe situation.