Lord Commander Fauci, Master of Reality and Lord of Illusions, Reveals His Ultimate Plan

If you think Anthony Fauci is a satanic wizard, or a devilish goblin, you are evil.

It’s already been established that anyone who criticizes the total master and shaper of reality is a terrorist threat.

Bobby Kennedy’s book has been censored because he dared to question the ultimate lord and king of the complete realm of the absolute universe.

As you can see in Kennedy’s interview with Tucker Carlson, Fauci sent a curse upon him that makes it hard for him to speak clearly.

As the depressed faggot from Radiohead once said in a music song: this is what you get when you mess with us.

It’s very bad karma to question the messiah.

Now, the messiah has spoken, revealing his apogean agenda to heal the world of the deadly Omicron virus.

“The preparation that we have ongoing … just needs to be revved up,” the reality master said on the news, “by getting more people vaccinated and getting the fully vaccinated boosted.”

There’s no excuse now. This new variant totally bypasses the vaccine, which is why we have to get this vaccine into the people. We have to force it on them.

There is no choice.

This is the only way we can prevent millions of dead.

There will be bodies stacked up in the streets.

Our Lord and Messiah laughs at the heathen filth that would question him. With vigor, our Lord doth laugh mightily at the heathen, who knows not the light of The Science.

Ted Cruz did January 6. He tried to overthrow our democracy.

Ted Cruz raped Alexandria. He sucked her fat titties and then slapped her in the face with his Cuban missile before delivering a Russian-backed nuclear blast all over her face.

Ted Cruz will go to prison, and Fauci, with an extreme mania, will laugh ever more deeply as he once again saves the entire world from the doom of the latest and most extreme deadly and real virus ever to exist in the infinite timelines of quantum eternity.

Hail Fauci!

Hail our vaccines!

Hail Victory!