Lord Biden Announces That No One Making Under $400,000 a Year Will Pay ONE CENT in Taxes!

Joe Biden, the real and non-senile President of America, has announced that no one who makes under $400,000 a year will pay even one cent in taxes.

Many people think this is really good and fair.

“Anybody making less than $400,000 a year will not pay a single penny in taxes,” the Biden entity said.

Obviously, this is another senile blunder. Biden’s communist people claim that someone who makes even $250,000 a year is the ruling elite – as they buy up multiple houses.

In actual reality, if we didn’t have a ruling billionaire elite in this country, and we weren’t being buried in immigrants, the average person would have spending power equivalent to about $400,000 a year.

Burying us in immigrants is a way to destroy the white race, to crush our national identity and force us into globalism. But it is also an explanation as to why, with technology developing at such a rapid pace, our quality of living is lower than it has been possibly ever in history.

Certainly, there has never been a wealth gap this big.

Frankly, some of that stuff that AOC says, like “there shouldn’t be billionaires” is true, no matter how dumb she sounds saying it. Of course, she sold out and is now just a servant of Jeff Bezos.

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Biden is as much of a puppet of the monied elite as he is of the military industrial complex, and there is zero chance he is going to tax anyone other than the middle class. The money won’t even go to the blacks – it will go to the rich.

Joe Biden is not an honest person.

The plan for communism here is to put all of white America (and Europe, for that matter) on the same level as the third world. All that wealth they’re going to take from us is going to go straight to the rich. This hyperinflation scheme is a big part of that wealth transfer.

It’s fake communism. 

It’s all very straightforward and obvious, actually, and I’ve been laying it out since March of last year.

But I guess people were really scared of the flu.