LOOT LOOT LOOT: Philadelphian Blacks Riot After Cops Shoot a Black for Refusing to Put Down a Knife

Here’s a good summary of the fast times in Philly last night:

Blacks will riot for anything now.

Fox News:

Angry protesters clashed with police and looted businesses in western Philadelphia Monday night after a 27-year-old Black man was shot to death in a confrontation with city officers earlier in the day.

Walter Wallace, who was allegedly holding a knife, was fatally shot while two police officers were responding to a complaint about a man with a weapon in Cobbs Creek, according to the Associated Press. He “advanced toward” the officers, who then fired “several times,” the outlet reported.

Wallace was hit in both the shoulder and chest, then taken in a police vehicle to a hospital, where he died.

Following Wallace’s death, which was recorded and posted on social media, hundreds of people — some armed with bricks — protested in the 52nd Street commercial district, and the demonstration quickly turned violent. Police cars and dumpsters were set ablaze and NBC10 Philadelphia reported that at least 30 police officers were hurt.

A 56-year-old sergeant was struck by a truck and was hospitalized with a broken leg, among other injuries.

Stores including several Rite Aid pharmacies, a restaurant, and clothing and shoe shops were broken into. Two ATMs were also reported to have been smashed.

More than 30 people were arrested during the confrontation, according to police.

Police are saying that they’re going to investigate the shooting.

We don’t really need an investigation because we already have footage of the event. The news has been running the video nonstop. That nigga got his knife, he be out there, them cops ain’t has no choice.

What you would think you would want to investigate the police for is allowing all of this destruction last night. This was a circus. Why didn’t the police stop it?

They set a police van on fire.

The blacks ran over cops with a big truck!

You hear them cheering??? “He hit a cop!”

That’s what they’re going to be doing when they kill you – cheering!

There was mass looting – taking back reparations for slavery, of course!

Police didn’t stop the looting.

In a sane society, that’s what you’d be investigating the police for.

You wouldn’t even bother to ask the police, “why did you shoot that man who was running around threatening you with a knife?”, because that is self-explanatory.

You would ask them to explain why, the day after that happened, the city looked like this:

Look at this:

It’s sad what these blacks do to small businesses.

Prominent Aryan Race Warrior Matt Walsh is pointing out that CNN isn’t even covering this story:

Technically, they do have an article up, it’s just getting pushed off of their front page. It’s relatively accurate, in terms of saying that the black was waving a knife around.

You see?

They can cover the story but keep it off the front page. Thus, they can push back against anyone who says “you didn’t cover it” by saying “right here, we covered it!” while at the same time making sure no one actually sees the coverage.

Local media, far from covering it up, is taking this as “their moment” and claiming that it’s time to abolish the Philly PD.

The blacks are already making “art” about how the guy with the knife was a good boy who didn’t do nothing.

In fact, just like George Floyd, he was actually a hero.

He’s in outer space now, mayne.

Flying up there with them pyramids.

But he won’t be forgotten.

There are riots planned tonight in both Philly and in New York, in honor of his bravery.

Lastly, I don’t know if this was from last night or not, but it’s very funny:

“Nigga threw that shit at his looting partner!”

Also: this black guy says that he liked the looting and violence last night, but is warning that Antifa is going to come in tonight and start exploiting the riots.

It’s interesting that he’s aware of this. I imagine a lot of blacks with mid-range IQs have figured this out.

It probably is good for Trump that there is now a major riot spot just ahead of the election.

It turns out that people really don’t like these riots, and they do blame the Democrats for them.

Who knows if they’ll last until the election. Probably not. It’s cold out. The only way this would work is if the local blacks are completely replaced by out of town Antifa.

Tonight though – for sure.