Loot Boxes are the Most Jewish Thing to Ever Poison Gaming

Tim Hort
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2017

The idea of a loot box is the same as a slot machine.

I would argue that it’s worse than a slot machine. Even though you shouldn’t gamble because you will lose pretty much every time, there is a small chance you could profit on it.

Digital loot boxes for digital items that you can’t sell on the other hand is just blatantly playing on the same parts of the brain that respond to gambling with zero chance at a payout.

PewDiePie is talking about what EA is doing in their new Star Wars game in this video and I don’t know if a Jew is responsible for it, but it is something that Jews do. Anyone who is a non-Jew in a gaming company that does this is an honorary kike. An example of a Jew doing this is Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan who leads the Overwatch team.

>TFW the goyim know that you’re running a gambling ring.