Looka Here, Bernie & Bros

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2020

If I was a Bernie Brother, this sort of thing would make me angry.

The question is: is it possible for a Bernie Brother to get angry?

Are they just a bunch of sniveling little faggots who would rather suck up to minorities than do their own political agenda?

In other words: are they no better than conservatives? 

Apparently, this is the situation.

I am seeing zero uprising against the blacks on the internet.

Instead, Bernie Brothers are blaming other whites.

Which on some level is fair enough.

College, healthcare, housing, money – all of it is already free for the blacks.

Blacks legitimately had nothing to gain from electing Bernie Sanders, so, being blacks, they just voted for Joe Biden because he’s a cool guy who hangs out with their “nigger” Obama.

But what is going on with white people who voted for Biden?

Surely, it was mostly whites. How many blacks actually vote in primaries anyway?

Why do these voters not want free stuff?

Without even going into the fact that Joe Biden is senile and Bernie Sanders isn’t, why are white people voting against their own interests?

Here is a reader’s comment on the failure of Bernie in this election:

It’s a mix of being fat and believing in some stupid cargo cult like principles and values.

People won’t vote for free stuff for white people, because they think they’re on some higher moral pedestal if they don’t support free stuff for whites.

“You have to work hard, blabla, yadada. Everything else is Gommunism.”

The boomers will tell you how UBI will destroy the economy, because of inflation, governmental debt, etc… But on the same time they’re fine with trillions of dollars for nonsense wars, gorrillion aid for Israel, free stuff for blacks, spics, moslems, women, gays and trannies, because, magically, this doesn’t seem to have a negative impact on the holy economy for some reasons only a boomer can understand.

These people are so full of shit. They’re defending something that doesn’t even exist anymore.

The economy is literally not a real thing.

We passed the point of “overproduction” in the 1950s, and the only reason everyone isn’t living in a nice house, with a nice car, eating healthy food, having a lot of children who go to good schools and everything else is that society has been sabotaged on purpose.

As I recently commented with regards to the nature of this fake system:

It seems if you tried to reduce this whole thing to barebones, you’d be looking at something like this:

When GDP is used as the measure of the health of the economy, people toiling away endlessly for no reason becomes “good for the economy.” And debt is the primary mechanism to enforce toiling. All of this comes down to figuring out a way to deal with the reality of overproduction, which created a crisis for capitalism.

On a more metaphysical or at least spiritual level, it seems that it is important to some people not necessarily to be wealthy (good material life), but to be better off than others. If you embraced overproduction and just let everyone have a good life through some kind of new economic order – which would have developed naturally, if not for meddling – some people might have a little bit more than others, but you wouldn’t maintain this same strict class system, and the rich would not maintain the same degree of power and influence.

Basically, there is zero reason that the government can’t just give us all a bunch of free stuff, other than that there are people who don’t want that to happen.

And the American voter – the Biden voter, in this case – has a kind of Stockholm syndrome, wherein he likes being abused by this system, because in order to oppose the abuse, he would have to admit that he’s been abused, and that would bruise the ego.

I suppose it is also that boomers are voting for Biden and boomers have hoarded all the wealth that they stole from future generations, so they don’t even care.

Whatever has caused this situation, the nomination of Joe Biden as the 2020 Democrat presidential candidate – which is now a done deal – was a bizarre and surreal event which historians of the future will be driven mad by.

They will likely have to settle on: “his sunglasses were just so cool, no one could resist him.”

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