Look, No One Supports Kicking a Dog – But…

No one supports kicking dogs.

But everyone has a limit.

If you push a man all the way, you might just discover that you’ve pushed him too far.

Speaking of disastrous social problems in Australia, the Australian government is blaming an entire lockdown on a 31-year-old roastie who was slutting it up.

The government is saying this woman created the lockdown by engaging in standard used-up old whore behavior, claiming that used-up old whores shouldn’t be allowed to go around slutting it up, because if they do, they will kill everyone.

This is one step away from telling whores they can’t get abortions because of the coronavirus.

I never would have thought I’d see a Western feminist government ultra-slut-shaming a used-up old skank.

I never would have thought I’d see a bro forced to kick a dog.

What’s more: I never thought I would find myself on the side of an old skank trying to slut it up at a bar and a dog-kicker.

The basic fabric of society is rolling away and the ties that bind it are coming unglued.

Should I make the meme?

Should I really do it?

What about the other one?

Should I make that one?

Do I dare?