Long Term Covid Strategy: Boosters Will Help, But We Also Have to Take These Pills

The coronavirus vaccine is the single safest and most effective vaccine ever devised by science.

Unfortunately, the vaccine stopped working because of the new variant of the virus, and now people who have received the vaccine are 6.6 times more likely to die than those who didn’t get the vax (source: SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England published by Public Health England). Of course, even though the death rate for the vaxed is 6.6X higher than the death rate for the unvaxed, it’s still under 1% – so it’s really not a serious problem that getting the vax so drastically increases your chances of death, according to official government data, because really it’s very unlikely that you will die from the virus under any circumstances.

Also, this is all the fault of the unvaxed.

We must continue to threaten, intimidate, manipulate or outright force people to take the vaccine, because it saves lives.

The sad fact is, when the rubber hits the road, if people continue to refuse the life-saving vaccines and boosters, we’re going to be left with no choice but to kill them, as that will be the only way to protect them from the deadly coronavirus. It sounds distasteful, especially in a democracy that prizes freedom above all else, but our patience can only last so long.

However, with vaccines failing so miserably, and killing so many people, and actually increasing the chances of dying from the deadly coronavirus, we must figure out new and innovative ways to fight back against this deadly virus.

If we follow the basic path of science, we realize that now we need to take pills to fight this deadly virus, which is threatening to undermine the very foundation of civilization.

The vaccines are safe and effective and they save lives. But you should also take this pill.


News that an experimental antiviral drug from Merck appears to halve the risk of hospitalization or death from Covid-19 has bolstered hopes of finding a simple at-home treatment for the virus.

The drug, molnupiravir, is given as a pill. It performed well enough in a late-stage clinical trial of adults at high risk of severe Covid-19 that the independent review board overseeing the study recommended that it be ended early. Now Merck and its partner Ridgeback Biotherapeutics will seek FDA authorization for the drug “as soon as possible,” they said Friday.

If those promising preliminary results hold, the new drug could help fill a significant gap in the world’s Covid-19 arsenal. As the pandemic nears the end of its second year, there are still only a handful of treatments for Covid-19 — and none that people can take at home. Finding a drug that can minimize the risk of severe illness could ease the burden on the country’s hospitals and blunt future surges of infection, in combination with vaccines and public health measures like mask-wearing.

Currently, “very few treatment options [are] available,” said Matthew Hall, a biologist at the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences. “Someone can go to an infusion center and be infused with a neutralizing antibody, but [there’s] nothing in a pill form that’s able to just be prescribed to take in early in an infection to reduce the severity of symptoms and the extent of symptoms.”

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This pill is the answer we’ve been looking for.

Vaccines are safe and effective, but they do increase the chances of dying from the virus by 6.6 times, and cause permanent heart disease in 2/3rds of the people who receive them. Also, the antibodies from these extremely effective vaccines, which are safer than any vaccine in all of history, only last seven months. That means that we’re going to need boosters at least every six months, and maybe every week or every day. We might even have to have boosters before and after every meal. We don’t know. We just have to follow the science.

But regardless of the booster schedule that the science determines for us, we also must start taking these pills all the time, if we really want to be safe and protect ourselves from this deadly virus.

As the CEO of the company that worked with Pfizer to create the safe and effective Pfizer vaccine has said, coronavirus is not going away. We are going to have to live with this virus, and the only way we can fight it is with regular boosters and regular pills.

The biggest threat to public health right now is disinformation about coronavirus. Misinformation is the real virus. So we have to really start cracking down on people who question the safety of these vaccines, and people asking why we need to take these pills if the vaccine works.

The fact is, the vaccine does work. It is a miracle of science. It just doesn’t prevent infection or death from the coronavirus, and instead, increases death. But that’s the way science works. Conspiracy theorists are spreading false theories by manipulating the data.

We can’t ever go back to normal. Coronavirus is here to stay. If we ever want to manage this deadly disease, we have to get boosters every six months, we have to take these pills, but most of all, we have to crack down on medical disinformation.