London: Two Right Churly Laddies Serving at Her Majesty’s Pleasure After Womping a Laddie

Tamim Ian Habimana was a fresh face full of soda pop and nicklebocker. A right shame what the laddies did to him. A right bloody shame.

The lads these days, Bob’s your uncle.

Whatever shall we do about this hectare of lads going arse over tits, mate?

What has dongled these right laddies?


The Metropolitan Police have arrested two teenagers and charged one of them with the murder of Tamim Ian Habimana. The 15-year-old was stabbed to death on Monday evening in southern London.

The suspect, identified as ‘A’, and a 14-year-old boy, ‘B’, were arrested in connection with the murder on Friday. Both remain in custody at a police station, the Met said in a statement. ‘A’ is scheduled to appear at Bromley Magistrates’ Court later on Saturday.

“I hope this reassures both Tamim’s family and the wider community of our dedication to bringing justice for his murder,” said Detective Chief Inspector Richard Leonard, the lead investigator in the horrific case.

Inspector Leonard don’t know his arse from his missus’ vag, which is why the whole dingle went tits up. Did you know that? Did ya?

Police were called to Woolwich New Road on Monday, where they found Tamim with a single stab wound. Attempts to stabilise him failed, and he was proclaimed dead at the scene by the London Ambulance Service.

According to the BBC, 21 teenagers have been killed in London this year. The British capital may record its worst year in terms of teenage homicide if the current rate continues.

Now see, the way I reckon to fancy it is that these will be 21 lads that are jammy right up off of the bloody covid.

Every laddie meets his maker one rent or the other, right well sure of it, so the plentz blint is that you don’t get knickered by the bobbling covid.

The article doesn’t mention it, but they had to bring in Sherlock Holmes to spez this chock-a-block. “A” was bloody Moriarty on steroids, nibbing his yonks.