London: Support for Golden Dawn Demonstration

Radio Aryan
December 24, 2015

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Britain for the British and Greece for the Greeks, time to free the Golden Dawn!

In January of this year, a demonstration was held outside the Greek Embassy to draw attention to the plight of the Golden Dawn, a democratically elected party who have been jailed by ZOG, in order to deprive them of their parliamentary privileges and state funding.

Jez Turner was there, speaking about his belief in the supreme importance of race and ethnicity and about the race that cannot be named, the race  that control everything, including our own mass media and our own politicians.

This nest of parasites are using this power of theirs to destroy our race and every other race apart from their own.

Max Musson was also there, speaking about the deliberate crashing of the economy and the forced austerity that has followed, which has just increased the depression.

Greece cannot print more money in the same way that the UK and America can, as the European Central Bank have seized control of their money supply.

Golden Dawn have existed since 1980 and have built their base through solid social activism.

They have engaged in community programs and become immensely popular as a result.

In pursuing their political goals, they have adopted the style of the mid-1920s national socialist parties.

This has spoken to our people in a way that mere words never could and this is the real reason why Golden Dawn politicians have been jailed.

Kevin Lazyell then spoke about the unity being shown by the nationalists at the demonstration and the cross-party support in Britain, for the Golden Dawn.

Peter Rushton spoke about how voting can never change anything and how if voting ever did change anything, then they will lock you up, ban your political activities and shoot you.

Even with the party banned, with members shot and killed and also in prison, still 10 % of the people polled will be voting for the Golden Dawn.

Golden Dawn and the Greek people know that they are at war, not just against the enemies of Greece, but against the enemies of all White people.

If our enemies think they can succeed with their unlawful and anti-White activities, then they should know that what is now being tried by the court of public opinion is not them, but democracy itself and the kleptocracy that wears it as a disguise.

Featuring Jez Turner, Max Musson, Kevin Lazyell, Peter Rushton and a representative of the NOP