London Police to Hire 200 More People to Promote Diversity and Snitch on Those Who Badthink

Daily Stormer
October 30, 2018

Trust this strong independent womyn, she’s gonna fix everything

When it’s not actively killing us, our greatest strength takes a lot of effort to promote and maintain.

Almost as if it’s not really a strength at all.


Police chiefs in London are to spend almost £1 million extra a year hiring 200 anti-racist “community assessors” who will make sure recruits in the crime-hit capital hold positive views of minority ethnic groups.

You Brits sure you were on the winning side in WWII?

Because it sure doesn’t like it where I’m standing.

“The skills you possess are highly prized,” the Metropolitan Police tells potential candidates for the role, which requires no qualifications nor job history besides “life experience”, “an appreciation of diversity issues”, and that applicants have lived in London for three years.

What skills?

What is all this gibberish supposed to mean?

How do you measure “life experience” and “appreciation of diversity issues?”

Are we all insane?

A role introduced in 2003 to identify and weed out potential racists amongst police recruits, community assessors are expected to “challenge inappropriate behaviour or behaviour from colleagues and bring this to the attention of the Assessment Team”, as well as to “complete, sign and date any recorded evidence of inappropriate language or behaviour”.

According to the Met’s information pack, a successful community assessor, who will be expected to work 25 days a year, “actively demonstrates the promotion of equality and valuing of diversity”, and has “a thorough understanding of Race and Diversity [sic] issues”.

If I didn’t know they’re doing this specifically to lower the number of non-NPC White men who are cops there, I’d think this is completely retarded and nonsensical.

There’s still a handful of British men who haven’t lost their testicles, and they can’t be let anywhere near any position of authority

But do they not have anything more important to do?

Scotland Yard’s announcement it will add “at least 200” more community assessors to its current figure of 50, and boost pay from £100 a day to £150, was blasted at the weekend by critics, who questioned the force’s priorities in a year which has seen murder rates surge 44 percent amidst a sharp jump in violent crime.

Oh, looks like they do have more important stuff to do.

They’re just not doing it.

Because diversity is our greatest strength.

Taxpayers Alliance chief John O’Connell said: “We are constantly told that the Met Police needs more money to keep policing crime, but more money isn’t going to make a difference if spending priorities are completely warped.

Money doesn’t matter when the cops are just as much your enemy as the invaders are.

In fact, giving them more money is against your own interests.

Poll figures reported by Breitbart London last month revealed the popularity of the capital’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, had plummeted from +22 in May to just +4 in September as public concern continued to grow over the city’s violent crime epidemic.

However, the Labour mayor, who has used his office to take a strong, pro-globalist stance on “culture war” issues like feminism and to denounce U.S. President Donald J. Trump, insists the problem is solely down to police spending cuts by the Conservative government.

Yeah, no.

Crime anywhere always, in any place, depends on how many mudmanoids live there.

The more of them are, the more crime there is, regardless of how much money you give the police.

You were warned a long time ago, and you did nothing about it.

Still not too late, BTW.