London Forum: David Irving – London Bombing During WWII

Daily Stormer
August 5, 2015

David Irving – the world’s greatest historian.

Taking you out of the comfort zone of history with the only historian ever to be called an extremist by David Cameron.

The only extremist even to be named by him, in his recent speech about combating militant Islam!

Churchill was desperate to get Hitler to start bombing London.

He had to find some way of silencing the peace faction in his cabinet and he wanted to be able to tell Roosevelt how evil Hitler was.

He had been telling people that 50,000 people would die in London just in the first week of the war, but Hitler refused to play ball.

On Aug 24th 1940 one plane lost its way up the Thames and dropped its bombs in east London, with nobody hurt.

That was just the pretext Churchill needed to start bombing Berlin and thereby force Hitler to retaliate.