London: Feminists Stage Pro-Migrant “Die In,” Say Cologne Sex Attacks Not Committed by Moslems

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 17, 2016

The great thing about being a woman is that you can create your own reality.

For instance, if you love migrants but don’t like gang-rape, and migrants get caught committing a gang-rape, you can just say it isn’t real, because it isn’t real in your mind.

This is why women were never in history allowed to be involved in the political process, on any level.

All of history was not a sexist patriarchal conspiracy. Barring women from influence beyond their own homes was a decision based on the basic nature of human biology.


Open borders activists gathered at London’s St. Pancras train station today to protest against immigration controls, urging European governments to accept more migrants despite the recent controversies occurring across the continent.

In spite of the mass migrant rape scandal gripping the continent, activists from the ‘London2Calais’ and ‘Youth’ groups gathered at the transport hub also being inundated by Alan Rickman fans due to its relevance in the Harry Potter series to demand that Britain and her European partners abolish border controls.

Chanting, “No borders, no nations, stop deportations”, the protesters held up passengers and caused closures of parts of the station which connects London with Brussels and Paris via the Eurostar rail network.

Police blocked the entrance to St. Pancras, wary of a repeat of October’s protest where activists got the better of law enforcement, causing mayhem across the train station.

One protester named Mona, from the London2Calais initiative, told Breitbart London (video above) that she did not believe the mass sexual assault and rapes in Cologne on New Year’s Eve were perpetrated by migrants, despite police admission of the fact.

Instead, she claimed that the issue was being hyped up by the politicians and media, despite an establishment-imposed media black out on the issue for several days before Breitbart Londonfinally reported the issue in the English language.

She said: “I don’t think that its that clear that [the sexual assaults were] actually made by refugees, that refugees are responsible for it. I think it’s actually used a way to scapegoat refugees which is very very dangerous.

“And it’s being used by politicians who are trying to heat up things and trying to affect German public opinion… I’m from Germany myself, a majority [of Germans] have consistently been pro-refugee… and its politicians and people from the top that actually tried to trigger that hatred towards refugees.”

Mona continued: “It’s really deadly, especially in a country with a history of Germany, where there’s still militant fascist movements that go round killing people.”


Germany has to have “refugees” because of Hitler and the sixty trillion innocent kikes who were made into lampshades by Josef Mengele.


This is the underlying concept behind mass immigration into Germany: that they are atoning for an imaginary sin of their ancestors 70 years ago.

But only women and low testosterone men could ever believe that made sense. Even if these sixty trillion Jews were gassed, what the hell does that have to do with anything?

She did not cite any evidence for this claim, but added: “These acts [the sexual violence] should be seen as committed by individual people and… whether they’re refugees or not, should be held accountable.

“The way its been framed in the media, thats the problem because they’re drawing a direct correlation between refugees and assault which is just not true and that’s racist”.

So: the alleged “fascists” get blamed as a group, while Moslems get blamed as individuals.

In fact, the correlation between an increase in crime and migration is long-established, and German authorities stated so even before Cologne.

In December 2015, the Federal German State of Saxony reported an increase in migrant crime of 47 per cent on the year, with people now admitting that they are rendered powerless by pro-migrant political agendas. They are, one claimed, no longer able to forcible detain migrants, even those reported to have committed crimes.

This two-tier criminal justice system has fuelled resentment against migrants, and migrants themselves have brazenly exclaimed that they should be treated differently because German Chancellor Angela Merkel “invited them”.Feminists

“That correlation, there is no evidence for it,” claimed Mona, adding, “I’ve been harassed in Germany a lot of times and it was always by white people, I don’t have the experience of being harassed by refugees”.

That is another thing that is only real in her mind – have you ever seen a gang of White men go on a mass sex rampage? The basic suggestion is retarded. Violent sex crime is never committed by heterosexual White men, and whenever they are accused of it, it turns out to be a hoax.

accuse them emma

Feminism is an anti-White, Jewish ideology. The Jews fully understand the nature of women, how easily their opinions can be manipulated by base propaganda. This is why the filthy Jews are constantly pushing for more “rights” for women.

Control by women will always be proxy-control by Jews, as the Jews control the media which in turn controls the emotional state, and thus the behavior, of females.

Just look at the pictures of the protest – it is all White women and non-Whites.

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The “empowerment” of women was the clincher that allowed the total Jew takeover, and thus it is as important to be critical of feminism as it is to be critical of Jews themselves.

This is a complete disaster. Our own females are demanding our destruction.

Once we get men on board with being men again – the biggest part of which is standing up to women – the women will no longer feel a desire to walk all over us, to cuckold us with monkey from everywhere.

I know this seems counterintuitive, especially to baby boomers, but here’s the deal: in order to regain control of females, we are going to have to regain our masculinity, and masculinity doesn’t care for the opinions of women. Once we stop catering to their childlike attempts to engage politics, we will look that much stronger in their eyes, and they will be that much more likely to support us.

Those White girls above demanding to be gang-raped by Moslems could just as easily be doing this:

tumblr_ni7ay0Hcjz1siq8rfo9_1280 GqvNThKScherl: BDM- Mädchen bei einer Gymnastikvorführung 7525-41192ojf6jkrsm5jpg

A woman is a function of the society. She is not a driver of the society.

White Knightism is not compatible with any form of Traditional Europeanism. White Knights and women attempting to redirect nationalism into a feminist paradigm should be forever shamed and mocked.

Because while White Knights of all sorts will constantly say they are attempting to do what is best for society, all they are actually doing in the Nationalist movement is trying to redirect it into some kind of weird dating club. Either that, or they are actually so ill as to truly believe that Jewish feminism is the way forward.

But always remember: feminism is Jewish. All Feminism is Jewish. For thousands of years of European history, women were not allowed to participate in politics on any level.

My view of women is only “radical” to people who have been brainwashed by Jews.

My view is the historical norm, period. No one can argue that point.