London Bridge Attackers Tried to Rent A BIG TRUCK

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 10, 2017


Turns out, the London Bridge attack could have been a lot more like this:

However, they couldn’t rent A BIG TRUCK, because racist truck-renters wouldn’t rent a bunch of bearded Moslem guys a big truck because they hate the color of their skin.

What I want to know is: when are the racists who refused to rent a truck to members of the religion of peace going to be brought up on hate crimes charges?


British police say casualties from the London Bridge attack could have been much worse had the attackers succeeded in hiring a 7.5-ton truck instead of a van, which was used to plow through a crowd of pedestrians during the first stage of their bloody onslaught.

Authorities have revealed that terrorists tried to hire a 7.5-ton lorry on the morning of the terrorist attack, but ring leader, Khuram Shazad Butt, had payment issues and the rental was rejected by the online booking system as a result.

“Concerningly, Butt had earlier attempted to hire a 7.5-ton lorry that same morning. When he did not provide payment details, the rental did not go ahead. The effects could have been even worse,” Commander Dean Haydon, head of MPS Counter Terrorism Command said Friday, as cited by the Guardian.

Instead, the attackers settled for a van which they loaded with gravel bags to make the vehicle heavier and thus more deadly on impact, police revealed.

The Renault van, hired from a firm in, Romford, East London, was used by the three terrorists – Rachid Redouane, Youssef Zaghba and Khuram Shazad Butt – to bulldoze people at high speed on London Bridge.

After killing three people and crashing their vehicle, the jihadists abandoned the van and rushed on foot to the nearby Borough Market restaurant area and began to stab people with pink 12-inch ceramic knives. Five more victims died from stabbing wounds, and 48 others were injured in the attack.

“We’ve been working round the clock to understand what these men did in the lead up to the attack, but we need to know more about these unusual knives,” Haydon said.

I was sure that the “unusual knives” were just machetes.

The media has previously referred to a”machete” by the euphemism “large knife” or “MASSIVE KNIFE” in these spontaneous enrichment situations, because when you start talking about machetes people are like wow that shit is barbaric as all hell, what sort of third world nonsense do we have going on here?

They try to sell Islamic terrorism as some sort of edgy futuristic thing that’s really difficult to deal with because it’s so advanced – like ISIS is HYDRA. That’s the narrative because it is preferable to other options for narratives, and the imagery associated with “machete attack” doesn’t fit into that narrative.

But but then I was like, it could have been another type of knife…

But no.

Here’s it.

It’s a purple shank.


Side issue here: What are the chances that Aladdin was made to program millennials into accepting the haji invasion?

Of course, the story is from pre-Islamic times, but it’s still sand people in the desert who act like human beings.

I mean, at the actual time of Arabian Nights, probably there were large populations of whites there, and the stories were about whites, but the characters in the cartoon were brown.

Great movie though.

Disney used to do some magical stuff.

Some white nationalist needs to go through and change the color of the main characters’ skin so they can show it to their kids like “this is what the people of the near east were like before they started having sex with niggers.”

There actually appears to be some confusion as to what color Princess Jasmine is in the promotional pics for the film, but in the film itself she is definitely brown.

Just watching some clips now.

It’s a little bit sexy for kids, tbh.

Has scantily-clad hookers and strippers in every song.

Jasmine herself actually is dressed like a stripper in this movie.

Oh you you remember the famous Disney secret message conspiracy.

I blame the Jews.