London: Blonde White Woman Missing – I Wonder Who Could Have Done It? (UPDATE: White Guy?)


The Daily Mail has released a picture of the officer, who is allegedly been charged with murder – and it’s a white guy.

I don’t know. This guy is for sure British – Wayne Couzens.

He apparently works directly for the Parliament, which makes him not a normal police officer, and makes this all look like a conspiracy.

Couzens works in Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command and is armed as part of his job

If this is really a white guy who kidnapped and killed this woman, and there is no conspiracy, I will tell you this: he knew her.

A random kidnapping and killing by white guy is not plausible.

However, what I wrote below remains generally true, even if the media has found an actual unicorn.

(You will know if this is a conspiracy by how much the media covers it. It is very suspicious that this guy was not even a cop, but a high level security agent for the parliament.)

Original article follows.

The British media is going nuts over a missing white woman.

Imagine that there are people who see this story and don’t think “welp, that’s another cultural enrichment.”

We don’t have complete statistics on Britain, but we have enough FBI statistics and other statistics to know that if a white woman is kidnapped and killed by a stranger, there is virtually zero chance that it is a white man responsible.

(Yes, white men do kill their girlfriends/wives sometimes, but if this was someone who knew this woman, they already would have been arrested.)

They’ve now announced that they’ve arrested a police officer in connection with the disappearance. They haven’t given his name or photograph.

What are the chances he’s white? One in ten thousand, maybe?

The entire “grab her off the street and kill her” behavior pattern is a purely and explicitly nonwhite behavior pattern. It might be a black, an Arab or a Pakistani, but it’s not going to be a white man. It’s not going to be a Chinese or Filipino either, for that matter.

Statistics are meaningfully predictive of behaviors. I’ve been arguing for a government by statistics for a decade now.

I almost think that the people in the media are so thoroughly brainwashed that they believe their own nonsense. Because otherwise, if “missing white woman, presumed dead” comes up as a story, why would you allow it to become a top story? You know it is going to be a brown person! We all know it is going to be a brown person!

But maybe they literally somehow don’t believe in statistics, or reality, and see a missing white woman and think “it could be anyone of any race, because all races are the same”?