London: Black Gangs Have Machete Fight in the Middle of Hyde Park in Broad Daylight

It’s amazing that blacks are the same everywhere in the world.

No, no – that isn’t really amazing at all.

What is amazing is that they are the same everywhere in the world, and yet people claim that their environment is responsible for their horrible behavior.

White people do make it worse, but they do that by empowering them to embrace their worst instincts by telling them constantly that they’re not responsible for their own behavior.


Disgusted Britons have taken to social media to condemn a violent attack on a young man by a group of black youths armed with machetes and long knives that took place in one of the city’s most prestigious parks in broad daylight.

Tuesday evening’s attack was filmed by several people who were enjoying the fine weather in Hyde Park, a sizeable piece of manicured parkland bordering London’s upmarket Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Kensington districts.

Videos, which have been widely shared online, show a gang of unmasked black men, brandishing foot-long knives, chasing an individual who eventually falls to the floor. The young men beat and stab their victim repeatedly before fleeing in different directions.

The horrific act of violence has engendered a flood of condemnation, with many disgusted by London’s increasingly apparent problems with gang crime. “Shocking scenes. In Hyde Park! This isn’t just feral it’s gang war. We’re descending into a hell,” said former Tory MEP David C. Bannerman, who blamed Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Failed London mayoral candidate and actor-cum-singer Lawrence Fox called on the government to “stop and search every single youth in London on a regular basis.” Fox has been a constant critic of ‘woke’ Khan and his record on crime.

One user, who was also keen to blame Khan for the apparent deterioration in law and order, jokingly suggested Londoners start wearing medieval suits of armour as protection.

“Is Sadiq Khan Batman? What is he supposed to do?” another wrote, questioning those criticising the mayor. “Appear at Hyde Park and use his superpowers to get them to stop?”

The stabbing, which left a young man hospitalised, has also sparked further discussion on the apparent gang culture which exists within London’s black community. The attack comes just two weeks after Sasha Johnson, a Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist and mother of two who campaigned to defund the police, became an innocent victim of a shooting at a garden party.

The truly amazing thing is that there is no solution to this, there is no concept of it ever getting better.

Leftists seem to agree that it is going to keep getting worse, but say that it doesn’t matter, because it is immoral to control the behavior of blacks, so you just have to let everything be destroyed.