Londinistan: Muslim Tesco Worker Refuses to Serve White Customer with Groceries

Daily Stormer
July 18, 2014

A Muslim worker at a Tesco store refused to serve customer Julie Cottle who was buying ham and wine because he didnt want to have contact with the unclean.

Last week, Tesco called the Police and got a White woman arrested and sectioned under the mental health act, for telling one of their staff that he would be better off working in his own country of Nigeria.

This week, one of Tesco’s Non-White staff has refused to serve a White customer because they wanted to buy traditionally British food including ham and wine and he did not want to lower himself to dealing with a kaffir.

Instead of sacking the ignorant and rude Non-White, the manager had the cheek to back him up.

It wasn’t until the story hit the headlines that he finally apologized to the poor woman.

The till operator at the store in Neasden told mother-of-three Miss Cottle he would not touch the wine and ham as they are considered ‘forbidden’ by Islam, and told her to go to a self-service till instead.

Daily Mail:

A Muslim cashier at a Tesco store refused to serve a customer buying ham and wine because he said it was Ramadan.

The till operator told Julie Cottle he would not touch the items as they are considered forbidden by Islam and said she should use the self- service tills instead.

When Miss Cottle, 43, from Neasden, north-west London, complained to the manager, he backed the worker’s right to refuse to serve her because it was the holy month of Ramadan and he was fasting.

But Tesco has now apologised for Monday’s incident and said the worker had been ‘spoken to’.

Miss Cottle said her treatment left her furious. ‘He pointed at the ham and wine in my basket and said “I can’t serve you that because I’m fasting”,’ she said.

‘When I told him he should be serving customers not turning them away he still refused, telling me to go to the self-service.

Tesco only apologised for the incident at this store in north-west London after the story had hit the headlines.

‘I know he has his beliefs – I’m a Christian myself – but he should be able to do his job properly. I’m disgusted. If he is refusing to do his job he shouldn’t be there.’

During Ramadan Muslims go without food and drink between dawn and dusk. The devout also refrain from smoking, swearing, arguing, listening to music and having sex to demonstrate their faith.

Following the yearly ritual is considered as one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

Miss Cottle, a mother of three, said she went to a Tesco Express to get two packets of ham for her children’s lunches. She also had three bottles of white wine among her shopping.

‘There was an Asian man at the till,’ she said. ‘He said he couldn’t serve me because he was fasting for Ramadan. He told me I had to use the self-service.

‘I started shouting and he went to the back of the shop. I asked to see the manager. He was a temporary manager and he said I had to use the self-service.

‘I was furious so when I got home I rang Tesco customer service to complain.

The incident happened at one of the firm’s many London stores, in the suburb of Neasden.