lolwut: New Cryptocurrency to “Fight Hate” and Misrepresent Islam

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 26, 2017

Behold the rise of bitkike.

How can we best fight hate? Sure, we could separate the races so that no opportunity for conflict can arise and thus ensure peace for generations. But that would be racist. What would be the next best thing?

Let’s make a scam coin cryptocurrency. It’s genius.

The plan goes something like this:

  1. Create new scam cryptocurrency.
  2. Lie about Islam.
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

Who’s on board?

Tech Crunch:

Can a cryptocurrency push back against the tide of hate speech, ‘fake news’ and divisive politics? A new initiative, Ananas, is going to try.

Well, if Google is backing it, it must be a moral and legitimate endeavor, right?

Effectively, they want to fight radicalization by “mapping ideologies”, providing a compass to navigate belief systems and using cryptocurrency to reward contributors.

In other words, they’re going to pay people to write propaganda. Except instead of raising money, they’re going to scam people into buying some dumb worthless cryptocurrency, and use that to pay the kikes and shitlibs who’ll be doing the writing.

The UK-based new charitable foundation plans to create a platform which works by creating an infrastructure that allows members of an ideology to piece together the elements that best represent them on top of a hyper-relational graph database (created by partners GRAKN.AI). These will be fed into easy-to-use consumer applications, augmented by AI, and relevant to a target audience.

Using a cryptocurrency economy based on its token, the Anacoin, they will verify content on anything they chose to map and align the interests of disparate, sometimes competing groups, to build the platform and rewarding people for doing so.

Practically speaking, the first implementation of this will be focused on fighting Islamic extremism and Islamophobia, with other religions, cultures and even politics mappable on the same platform as the respective communities join.

Islamophobia is the irrational fear of getting massacred by Moslem terrorists. It’s most prevalent in countries where people are regularly getting massacred by Moslem terrorists – which is purely a coincidence.

These Islamophobes will need to be educated about the true nature of Islam, which is 100% peaceful.

What this means is that users will be paid to annotate an online version of the Quran (dubbed “The Living Quran”) with digital content and real-life resources, and be paid to do so. The founders say: “Existing Islamic solutions fall flat as you often just have translations without context, which leaves them still vulnerable to extremists warping words and exploiting ignorance. In our first Living Quran consumer-facing application you will be able to see as much context as you want on any part or theme of the Quran from any perspective, or just talk to a Muslim put forward by a respective community.

“Any perspective.”

How about the perspective of the people getting beheaded by ISIS? Will that perspective be represented? lol.

What spin are you going to put on this?

And wow, how delusional can you get. Who the hell is even going to bother downloading your propaganda app? Moslems will just read their Quran, and listen to their imam. But of course, the real target isn’t Moslems, regardless of what these people are saying. What they’re really worried about is “Islamophobia.”

You think that people getting blown up in suicide bombings are going to think “oh silly terrorist, don’t you know that according to the ananas app, your interpretation of Islam is wrong?”

Are these people literally retarded?

And on the off-chance that this stupid wiki becomes popular, /pol/acks will just flood it with redpills and they’ll have to hire armies of moderators to keep their propaganda kosher.

So in all likeliness, this is just a financial scam, like most other minor cryptocurrencies. They’re just using the “fight hate” and “stop terrorism” rhetoric in order to get dumb shitlibs to buy into it. Oh well. It’ll end up just being Jews and boomers buying the currency, and online Nazi trolls pocketing the money as they troll their systems.