LOLtimore: Black Expands on the Theory That There is a Wide-Scale White Conspiracy Against Him

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 4, 2015

Some guy named “Dayvon Love” went on with Melissa Harris Perry to try and explain Baltimore as representative of a White supremacist conspiracy.  It is literally just gibberish coming out of his mouth.  I watched it four times and I still have no concept of what he’s trying to communicate.

What is interesting is that you can watch this and see very clearly that these people are alleging a massive conspiracy.  I think some of our readers see me pointing that out and think I’m joking.  But no.  They literally believe there is a massive conspiracy against them by White people, and the reason they believe this is because the Jewish media told them to believe this.  White people see the Jewish media implying this massive secret conspiracy involving shadowy figures pulling the strings and then dismiss it saying “ah, I must be misinterpreting what they are implying here.”  But Blacks have internalized it.

The media, Eric Holder, Obama and all of these Blacks on the streets are seriously claiming that White people are getting together and plotting against them – for no reason, mind you – they never assert any possible motive we would have in plotting against them, other than implying we do it because we are evil – to try and hurt their feelings, and their only recourse is to riot and steal toilet paper from CVS.

This is actually what these people are saying. Please, just take a minute and process that.

I can tell you right now that as an actual racist, I would much rather have Blacks behaving like normal people, serving as functional members of society, then violent parasites who do nothing but commit crimes and live on welfare. Black people doing nothing but acts of violence and guzzling tax money does not benefit me in any way at all that I can think of.

As a side here, does anyone other than laughing White supremacists watch MSNBC?

I don’t really understand who this is targeting.  Black people just want to watch booty-shaking, and I think most SJWs would rather watch the Young Turks or Democracy Now.