Lolita Actress Sue Lyon Passes Away at 73 After Wasting Her Entire Life and Beauty

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
December 29, 2019

Remember that Lolita movie?

Sue Lyon played Lolita.

She was pretty cute.

She has died aged 73 after pretty much wasting her entire life.

She had plenty of time and plenty of husbands, yet she only produced one baby.

Daily Mail:

Sue Lyon passed away in Los Angeles on Thursday, at the age of 73.

The actress ‘had been in declining health for some time’ reported the New York Times on Friday.

Lyon was best known for playing the title role in Stanley Kubrick’s controversial 1962 film, Lolita, in which she was cast at just 14 years old.

Lyon won the role over the 800 other girls who auditioned for the 2001: A Space Odyssey director.

The book’s author Vladimir Nabokov famously described the teenage actress as ‘the perfect nymphet’.

Lyon was married five times: to Cotton Adamson, Hampton Fancher, Roland Harrison, Edward Weathers and Richard Rudman, whom she divorced in 2002.

She is survived by her daughter Nona, from her marriage to Harrison.

This is her with her daughter, Nona:

This is Sue Lyon with Nona’s father Roland Harrison:

Treating women as equals and allowing them to make choices results in life stories like Sue Lyon’s.

Women can theoretically rival men in IQ, but their brains never mature into proper adulthood. They are eternal children enslaved by their feelings.

We don’t consider gifted kids the same as adults no matter how high their IQ. The people around these genius kids often talk about how despite their impressive intelligence, they still need guidance because they still act and think like the kids that they are.

Yet we pretend that women are the same as men, we pretend that they are adults, and we pretend that they are capable of making good choices for themselves.

This situation is perverse.

People nowadays see all these women ruining their lives, betraying their people and hurting future generations and they shrug it off with some cookie-cutter slogan like “their body, their choice.”

The guiding lighthouses that acted as the pillars of society have been extinguished with ridicule. Religion has turned into a joke and men have turned into clowns and toys meant to entertain women.

The absolute cringe never went away, it just evolved with the times.

We can only pray now. Pray that the collective soul of our people will be strong enough to come up on top of this sick trial.

Pray that your soul will endure walking through this hellscape of unbridled succubi.

Pray that you won’t bend.