LOL, Why is the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia a White Guy?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2018

There’s a story here, more of this shit I’m bored of.

But let’s first ask: why is the Saudi Foreign minister a white guy?

Note that this is not “he looks pretty white,” like you might say about a North African Arab. This is like, “this guy is obviously British, what is going on here?”

The answer is: there is no answer.

When I saw this guy, I just assumed “oh this guy is a British Islamic convert who they’re using in the government because of his high IQ.” And then looked it up expecting to have that confirmed.

However, there was no confirmation.

His Wiki says he was born in Saudi.

And it does not mention anything about him having foreign ancestry.

Other than Shiite Alawites who are a special sect that stayed white on purpose, I have never seen a single Arab that looked like this.

Anyway, he’s a good guy to go on American TV, instead one of these comic book villains.

That was a good move. They should probably put him in charge of the country, because I think he wouldn’t have ordered someone chopped-up in his own embassy.

The interview is mildly interesting. They are saying now that they don’t know where the body is and actually have absolutely no idea what ever happened, but they’ll get to the bottom of it.