LOL: Women Love Serving Their Islamic Sex Masters

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 13, 2018

Beta boy faggots have continually claimed that I’ve “gone too far” with my criticism of women.

But you tell me.

What is the thing here?

Diversity Macht Frei:

Video has circulated in France of a woman (apparently of Arab or North African origin) being beaten with a belt by a man “Islem” while another man films the confrontation. It’s not completely clear what the man’s grievance against the woman was. He asks her what she did two days ago, says she didn’t have permission for something, tells her to “stay in her place”. After being beaten, she repeatedly says sorry and eventually asks for help from the person filming, apparently called “Samir”. Samir doesn’t intervene but asks the other man to stop.

French police have confirmed they are investigating the incident.

They’re saying the woman is Arab – she looks white to me.

Either way, these are the men white women crave. The ones they’re out in the streets demanding flood our cities.

Because they are the alphas. They are invading our countries. They are taking over. White men move out of the way for them. White men give them their wealth. White men defer to them as their moral superiors.

So of course – these bitches love them.

Because a woman is lower than any animal. Certainly lower than a dog. Can you imagine your dog selling you out for a nigger?

Even a pitbull won’t do that. A pitbull might kill you and/or your children and neighbors, but he’s not going to betray you for a nigger.

The men defending these whores have a type of Stockholm syndrome.

Basically, we are raised to need the approval of women. We need the approval of our mothers. All of these female teachers. Then we think that in order to get sex, we have to show that we are good boys, just like we showed our mothers and teachers we were good boys.

And I guess maybe that works for some men. They are maybe getting sex this way. Pity sex. A few of them. Mostly from older women who have already taken a thousand dicks.

What men think women want

What women actually want

And it isn’t the kind of sex women enjoy, I guarantee you. Because the kind of guy who looks at women like this is incapable of giving them the sex they want. They want to be choked, slapped around, have their hair pulled. They basically want it to feel like rape.

Read 50 Shades of Gray. It’s the best selling book of all time now. And I guarantee you, men aren’t reading it. All women read it. This is what these sluts are all thinking about – getting tied up and beaten.

It’s a quirk of evolutionary psychology that men want to be romantic and fall in love and bitches just want to get tied up and beaten with whips.

We have to just confront it, consciously and rationally, or we are going to keep getting our baby-machines stolen from us by these animals coming in.

NOTE: Getting angry at women does nothing. Don't get angry. It is useless. It doesn't help anything. And it actually puts you in a weak position. Because it means they're able to get to you. If anything, you need to laugh at women. How disgusting and pathetic they are. I see that video of that stupid bitch getting beaten by her Arab sex master and just laugh. You need to look at them with disdain. And understand that their only value - their exclusive value, on a biological level - is whatever they are able to do for you. Then when you go out looking for women, do not be thinking "how can I impress this girl and get her to like me" - think "this girl needs to be showing me what it is she can do for me that makes her worth my time."

They don’t even make decisions, women. They are just wild animals, who function exclusively on instinct, and their instinct is to get fucked by the guy with the highest status.

But because we have been raised in these situations where the women are in charge of us, and we are told they are our protectors, we feel we have to defend them. So even though we see them, everywhere, acting like evil monsters, betraying us, selling us out to foreign hordes, we feel a desire to excuse them.

We have to get over that. Or we lose.

We have to start looking at these creatures as what they are: machines designed to serve us, pleasure us and reproduce our genes. Nothing more.

And if you take that view, you are going to be successful with women.

If the Alt-Right takes that view, then it is going to be attractive to women.

Because really, all things being equal, we are so much better than the Arabs and other niggers. The women go with them simply because they know how women like to be treated, which is like dogs.

I know you want to be a nice guy. To treat a woman like she is your friend. You might even want to treat her like a princess. Because it feels good to give things to women, to treat them like they are special. It releases dopamine in your brain. But you must overcome that. Because we don’t have any choice.

But you just can’t do it. You need to have male friends to fill your friend need. You have to look at a woman as what she is designed to be: a servant, who is below you, who exists exclusively to fill your needs, and who you feed because she fills your needs.

We have to get it together, guys.

We don’t have any choice.