LOL: Weird Mexi-Queer Escaped Homocaust, Blocked the Exit to Doom Other Fags

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2016

In what must be the weirdest revelation of the #Homocaust, a weird Mexican faggot who escaped the wrath of Omar went on TV and told the whole world that after escaping he blocked the exit so other fags were trapped inside.

We just started pushing and pushing and then when we got that 10 second break we went to this alleyway which led for only employees and we tried, me and this random guy, tried blocking the door. At that point like I said the bullets were getting louder and closer. So we blocked this door and we did hear banging. I pray it wasn’t anyone trying to escape because I would forever feel guilty.

It’s almost like homosexuals are immoral people. Or insane. Or both.

RARE omar pepe