LOL: US Might Not Even be Able to Shoot Down North Korean Missile

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2017

So I would think that if there even exists a fraction of a chance that the US couldn’t successfully shoot down a North Korean missile, that they would not want to be so belligerent.

Also, I would think they wouldn’t want to be so belligerent in the first place.

Because why?


Despite President Donald Trump telling the UN General Assembly that the US would “totally destroy” North Korea if it is attacked, the US arsenal may not be able to stop a nuclear strike if one is carried out, according to some analysts.

Some experts in the military and missile defense fields believe that even if the US had information that North Korea posed a real threat to America, or one of its allies, they may not be able to shoot down a missile headed for a target.

North Korea’s intermediate range missile launch over Japan’s Hokkaido Island on September 15 reached a maximum altitude of 480 miles (770 km), according to the Union of Concerned Scientists. But Joseph Cirincione, who is the founder of the Ploughshares Fund, a global security foundation, says the US and Japan do not even have the capability to intercept a missile launched at that altitude.

Cirincione elaborated by saying that no ballistic missile defense system in existence can even reach the height which the North Korean missile test achieved, according to Defense One.

Bruce Bennett, an analyst from the nonprofit public policy group RAND Corporation, shares some of Cirincione’s skepticism.

“We could potentially miss or hit, we don’t know for sure,” he said, according to the Express.

Another expert has called into question the value of a Washington Post report last month stating that North Korea may be able to fit a miniaturized warhead on an intercontinental missile.

Tom Plant, Director of the Proliferation and Nuclear Policy Program at London’s Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), said that the country may still not possess the technology to support the critical reentry phase of a successful long-range missile strike.

Plant says the warhead mentioned in the report may only be designed to initially take off from inside the ICBM, but does not account for reentry into the atmosphere after it is launched. The missile’s reentry vehicle must endure scathing heat and cold temperatures when coming back into the atmosphere en route for its target.

Plant believes that “North Korea has successfully produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead but question remains if its missile technology could survive a launch into space, and subsequent re-entry to hit an intended target,” Plant told Newsweek.

Following the September 15 test, US Defense Secretary James Mattis said Monday that the US has not seen a reason to shoot down any North Korean missiles as of yet.

Mattis elaborated and said the US would take “immediate actions” to intercept and shoot down any missile headed for Japan, South Korea or Guam.

Yeah unless you can’t.

With South Korea, conventional weapons could just completely wreck Seoul. Totally wreck the shit out of it. That’s kinda the real point here. The nuclear ICMB stuff – who knows. They probably don’t even have a fraction of what they are claiming to have anyway, so whatever.

Point being: I don’t mind military belligerence. Even if not practical, it can be used to unite a population behind a leader.

I would 100% support a war with Saudi Arabia. We have virtually an endless list of reasons to completely destroy this country, at the top of the list being that they get white girls off of Instagram and poop on them.

If any white girl tells you she’s been to Saudi Arabia or Dubai, just immediately get up and leave. Leave her with the check. Just get the hell out of there as quickly as you possibly can.

Another good reason is that they admittedly did 911.

Which a lot of people think is a pretty fucked-up thing to do to your ally.

Of course, the Jews actually did 911. But it was carried out by the Saudis. We know this now, but the government won’t let us sue them. The families of the dead and the first responders have been trying to sue Saudi Arabia for years for doing 911. We knew at the time that they did it and instead invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.

I don’t even think Osama bin Laden did it, tbh.

On a recent episode of The Daily Shoah, they did a long piece about 911 and conspiracy theories. Johnny Monoxide was there. Even Mike, who has long been against “Jews did 911” memes was like “yeah the Jews pretty much had to have known.” But the point is, no one even debates the fact that the Saudis did it, and yet we never invaded them and can’t even sue them for it.

Most Americans would support just nuking the shit out of the country, killing everyone there. There is no good argument why you wouldn’t do that.

Instead, we just keep going on about Iran and North Korea, neither of whom have done anything to us. Iran did some stuff way long back whenever I guess, but it was all in response to stuff we did to them.


I support completely unhinged and irresponsible warmongering, I just want the target of it to be the correct target of it.

Would you rather bomb this? 

Or this?