LOL: US Falls to 49th Place in Press Freedom Ranking

Daily Stormer
February 14, 2015

In 2014, Captain America merged with the Red Skull and joined Hydra.  You didn't hear about it because no freedoms.
In 2014, Captain America merged with the Red Skull and joined Hydra. You didn’t hear about it because no freedoms.

I’m not even sure how to take this.


Reporters Without Borders says Russia, the United States, Japan and many parts of Europe lost ground last year in its ranking of global press freedoms.

War, the rise of non-state groups, crackdowns on demonstrations and economic crises provided a backdrop for a tough 2014. The Paris-based media watchdog said two-thirds of the 180 countries surveyed in its annual World Press Freedom index scored worse than a year earlier.

Western Europe, while top-ranked, lost the most ground as a region. Three Nordic countries headed the list, but there was slippage in Italy — where mafia and other threats weighed on journalists — and Iceland, where the relationship between the media and politicians soured, the group said.

Italy also saw “an increasing number of abusive defamation proceedings against journalists,” Lucie Morillon, a research director at Reporters Without Borders, told The Associated Press. Italy plunged 24 spots in the classification to 73rd.

The U.S. fell three places to 49th amid a “war on information” by the Obama administration in some cases. Reporters also faced difficulty covering events like demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri, where a black teenager was shot dead in August by a white police officer, Morillon said.

Right now, it seems to me that “press freedom” is almost irrelevant.  Being allowed into the Ferguson warzone with your presspass is irrelevant, as it is all on cellphone camera anyway.  The freedom which is relevant is freedom of speech on the internet.  And as far as that goes, America is still number one, while countries such as France and Germany, and now the UK, have gone full-Orwell.

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