LOL: Twitter Blocks Account of German Leftist Satire Magazine Because of New Insane Censorship Laws

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 6, 2018

Oh Twitter. You thought this censorship stuff was going to end well?

That didn’t take long!

Just after Germany’s new, even more totalitarian censorship laws were enacted, I predicted it would spell the end of social media as we know it for Germans.

Just two days later, and we’re already seeing the first signs of this happening. And it’s manifesting in the most deliciously ironic way imaginable.


Germany’s tough new social media law was meant to rid Twitter and Facebook of hateful and illegal content. But critics say that at just 96 hours old it is already choking press freedom.

The debate flared up after Twitter (TWTR) blocked the account of German satirical magazine Titanic on Wednesday. The publication posted tweets that parodied a far-right politician whose social media accounts were blocked earlier this week because of anti-Muslim posts.

Among others, Titanic parodied a tweet by Beatrix von Storch, deputy parliamentary leader of far-right party, Alternative for Germany (AfD), in which she accused police of appeasing what she called “barbaric, gang-raping Muslim hordes of men.”

The account is still visible outside of Germany. Here are some of the “offending” tweets.

Translated with Google translate.

It was basically making fun of the AfD official for calling Moslems “gang-raping barbarians.” In other words, it was a leftist parody of a right-wing figure. But none of that matters. When there’s a 60 million dollar fine on the line, Twitter has no choice but to just censor everything that gets reported immediately.

This means that mainstream media accounts reporting on sensitive subjects are just as liable to being shut down as Alt-Right ones.

Von Storch’s account was suspended by Twitter on Monday, as were those of other AfD politicians who posted similar tweets in support of her.

Police have accused von Storch and AfD parliamentary leader Alice Weidel of inciting hatred and prosecutors are investigating. Von Storch has since deleted some of the tweets, and her account has been restored.

Titanic’s editor in chief Tim Wolff said in a statement he was “shocked” by Twitter’s decision to block the magazine’s account. The monthly magazine has a circulation of 100,000, and has been published since 1979.


I guess he doesn’t read the news much. Any retard could have predicted this would happen based on the wording of the new censorship law. In fact, this is only the beginning.

Alt-Right trolls haven’t even started reporting all their enemies’ tweets yet.

The publication is not afraid of controversy. It was sued by the Catholic Church in 2012 over its portrayal of the Pope. It also once sent offers of “bribes,” including cuckoo clocks and ham, to world soccer’s governing body, FIFA.

Titanic appears to be a mostly liberal magazine parodying German society in general. Think “The Onion” before it became a pozzed SJW rag.

But even the most hardcore liberal media is now liable to censorship. Parody and satire are now effectively illegal in Germany. You can look forward to a lot of insane stories similar to this one coming out of Merkel-land in the near future.