LOL: Twisted Robot-Based Program to Stop White Pregnancies Backfires

Daily Stormer
August 29, 2016


Pregnant White woman? smdh 2016.

If there’s one thing that makes Jews nervous, it’s young White women having White babies.

In Australia (as elsewhere), they’ve started helpful programs meant to scare girls away from motherhood, hopefully choosing a wiser path of action instead. Like being corporate lawyers or gender studies majors.

But, oh, tragedy, it seems their program is backfiring on them this time.

Digital Journal:

An Australian program of giving away lifelike baby dolls that imitate a real baby to teach teen girls about the harsh realities of motherhood backfires as it found girls who took part were twice as likely to get pregnant than those who did not.



Ha! Who would have thought that making girls experience a taste of motherhood would actually make them choose that path over studying art history in college?

It’s almost like motherhood is a genetic imperative for women…

Under a Virtual Infant Parenting (VIP) program, more than 2800 girls aged 13 to 15 across 57 schools in Western Australia were given baby simulators and they were followed until the age of 20. The followup study found that those who did the program had higher rates of pregnancy (17 percent) compared to those who did not (11 percent). Similarly, only six per cent in the control group had an abortion, compared to nine per cent among normal teens.

So, playing with baby dolls is healthy for girls. Hmm. Thanks for the insight.

Funny though that these kikes are implying that “fewer abortions” is a negative outcome.


Better get used to this place, scum. This is your home now.

Sally Brinkman of the University of Western Australia Telethon Kids Institute, which conducted the study says:

Possible factors include positive attention the girls received while looking after the robo-babies. Often the families of the girls would turn looking after the simulator into a family project, and some girls became quite attached to the simulators, to the point where the program managers considered bringing in counselor to help separate the girl from the robot. The dolls, which cost an estimated $1,320 each, are an ineffective use of public resources.

Hey, neat idea: once Nazis take over, all high-school girls will have to take care of robot-babies in order to learn the basics of motherhood and prepare for their important future roles in society.

Though, to be honest, in a healthy society, they would probably have learned all that from their own mothers.

Still, it’s instructive to see how such a potentially useful technology is used for the most nefarious ends by these Jews and Feminist. They truly are a demonic force of evil.


Typical Jew. And that’s just on the outside.