LOL: Six Hajis Set Themselves on Fire to Protest Deportation, Fail to Die

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2018

This is fine. I’m okay with this. Really.

Beneath the facade of clown world haji antics, we’ve stumbled upon a collision between two immovable forces. On one end, meme magic forces itself into reality – but, pushing in the opposite direction, is the fact that brown people will always fail at everything.


Austrian police say six men have been hospitalized with serious injuries after setting alight the mattresses and bedding of the deportation cell in which they were being held.

If there’s one thing that I would have assumed these towel-heads could pull off, it would be getting themselves killed.

Their entire military doctrine and religion is built around getting themselves killed, and yet they managed to fail. I guess my expectations will continue to be lowered until there are none left. Soon, I will be empty – and finally, free.

These guys, however, will still be stuck in prison hospital, then jail, and then stuck in the countries they will be sent back to – but now with disfiguring burns, lol.

Vienna police said Saturday that five Afghans and an Iranian man had tried to block the cell door with a locker and left a joint farewell note expressing anguish about their imminent deportation.

Officers were able to force open the cell and some 70 firefighters tackled the blaze, which broke out late Friday.

Police say the men, aged 18 to 31, are in intensive care. Fourteen other people, including at least three police officers, were treated at the scene for smoke inhalation.

So, why did they intervene?

To prevent damage to the property, maybe? But, we’re talking about a first world country, here. I would assume that their prisons are made out of steel and concrete, and that a fire in a cell would just burn itself out once the matresses and furniture was consumed, and not spread, because of good design standards. So, that’s not really worth fourteen people inhaling smoke.

If a few sand-niggers want to kill themselves for whatever reason, why not let them? This seems like a whole lot of fuss that could be avoided with a simple change in policy. Anyone facing deportation should be given the option between deportation, and assisted suicide.

Every single stupid thing we have suffered from this degenerate moral order has been some spin off of “my body, my choice,” or, “oh my gawd dad, it’s my life, like, you don’t even understand me, get out of my room!” Every defense of fornication, homosexuality, abortion, recreational drug use, etc. etc. has been predicated not on the argument that there is anything good about these things, but that the individual has has the right to do them anyway.

Liberalism is all about the individual right to engage in self-destruction.

Nothing can be more Liberal than suicide.

How dare these Austrian crypto-nazis deprive these brown snowflakes of their Liberal self-determination? I support any Arab who decides he wants to self-immolate, and urge the government of Austria assist them in achieving their dreams without producing these unfortunate collateral damages.