lol @ shitlib self-hating jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 16, 2018

Jews high on their own supply and declaring other Jews as white supremacists is the best part of the new SJW reality.

Haaretz has a big op-ed up today about how young American Jews are getting triggered by tours of Israel.

This is the funny bit:

The most disturbing moment of the trip came at the top of Masada. Our trip leader began to describe fond memories of an Italian-American neighbor from Staten Island. “But if I had to choose,” he said, suddenly earnest, “between her life and the life of a Jew I have never met, I would choose the Jew. If I had to choose between the lives of my 10 best non-Jewish friends and one Jew I’ve never met, I would choose the Jew.”

At this, even the more conservative participants seemed uncomfortable. But the guide upped the ante further. “If I had to choose between 10,000 non-Jews and one Jewish life, I would choose the Jewish life.”

Our trip leader’s eyes narrowed and he leaned closer to us, like an overzealous football coach delivering a pep talk. “Do you remember the tsunami in Asia a few years ago? It killed 100,000. If I had to choose between all those people or one Jewish life, I would choose the Jewish life.”

He would kill 10,000 gooks to save a Jew, this tour guide.

Understand: this isn’t some ultra-conservative rabbi or IDF chief – it’s the tour guide. 

It is also very funny that these kinds of news bits used to be printed in Yiddish, or at the very least only distributed at Jewish markets, but the internet gives us the ability to just look at it like “lol, u silly kikes.”