LOL: Newest Batch of NYPD Cadets are 80% Non-White!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 21, 2016


Nothing bad could possibly come of replacing the entire NYPD with non-Whites, because all races have the exact same levels of intelligence and moral prerogatives.

We know this for a fact because social scientists have already proven that human evolution and genetics are a social construct invented by White racists in order to purposefully hurt the feelings of non-Whites – because they are just mean, nasty people.

New York Post:

The NYPD has just hired its largest, most diverse class of cadets ever–a group of newbies who are 80 percent minority.

Hispanics make up 39 percent of the new cadet class, in a department that is 27 percent Hispanic, while Asian and Pacific Islanders make up 21.9 percent of the new cadets, or triple the percentage of current officers of that ethnicity.

The percentage of black cadets is 16.4 percent, slightly above department demographics, despite efforts by Mayor Bill de Blasio to increase the force’s African-American makeup to 23 percent from the current level of 15 percent.

The percentage of whites is 19.8 percent, with the force at 50 percent.

Soon, there will be no Whites left anywhere on the planet and we will finally have true diversity.