LOL: National Action Infiltrates Commie Rally, Cause Massive Butthurt

Daily Stormer
June 2, 2016

The brave Brits at National Action pulled another hillarious stunt: they disguised themselves as antifa and infiltrated their rally to piss them off. And as a bonus, the madmen filmed the whole thing for our enjoyment:

Apparently they were discovered early by some commie recognizing Benjamin Raymond‘s eyebrows, of all things.

His eyebrows.

Just try to imagine how obsessed the left must be with us, that every detail of our faces is etched into their memory. The guy who was triggered by Ben’s Nazi eyebrows must have nightmares about evil, strong nazis every night as he curls into a ball wrapped in his Karl Marx blankie.

This is great, my brothers. The left must have no safe spaces. Every meeting of theirs must be overshadowed by the possibility of infiltration and subversion on our part.

The top nazi leader in America has also adopted this approach to stunning effect:

We are advancing on the enemy positions. First comes the vanguard infiltration of their safe spaces. Eventually every leftist meeting will be disrupted and undermined by our activists.

As our brave meme warriors take over comments sections of cucked and red websites, brave activists do the same in real life.

This is a blitzkrieg!