LOL: Mexican Cops Make Amateur Move and Detain El Chapo’s Son. Chaos Ensues.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 18, 2019

One thing that I think is really cool about Mexico is that the entire country is controlled by drug gangs and they have as much power as the government.

It’s awesome for criminals to be able to force the release of their leader from detainment by federal forces in 2019.

I wish we had this kind of fifth column in the US. Things would be a lot more democratic, I think.


In order to protect lives, Mexican authorities were forced to release the notorious drug lord Joaquin El Chapo Guzman’s son after heavily armed cartel gunmen launched an assault against security forces holding their alleged boss.

Ovidio Guzman was briefly arrested after a federal police patrol came under fire from a house where he was holed up with three others on Thursday afternoon. Once the cartel learned the drug lord’s son had been apprehended, groups of armed criminals began attacking police all over the city with heavy firepower, blocking roads and setting vehicles on fire.

The gunmen surrounded the house where Guzman had been nabbed “with a force greater than that of the patrol,” Security Minister Alfonso Durazo said.

The attacks were so vicious that authorities opted to “suspend our actions,” lest the city degenerate further into a war zone.

Police arrived at the cartel’s compound in the city of Culiacan in full force – armed officers on foot, even trucks and jeeps with mounted weapons. But masked gunmen working for the kingpin apparently overpowered them, trading heavy gunfire that left “blazing vehicles strewn across the street” and forced locals to take shelter in schools and supermarkets as shops closed to avoid the violence.

Authorities of El Chapo’s home state of Sinaloa had no other choice but to release Guzman, in order to “protect lives,” the minister emhasized.

However, several other cartel-linked individuals were detained and wounded, Secretary of Security of Sinaloa Cristobal Castañeda told El Financiero, adding that local authorities worked with the National Guard, the Army, and the Navy on the operation.

Joaquin El Chapo Guzman was sentenced to life in prison in the US in February for trafficking tons of illegal drugs and organizing a murder conspiracy, among other charges.

Man, it sure is funny seeing these bodies on the street.

Cartel gunmen taking over carry out stores.

And the chaos!

The glorious chaos!

America is too much of a cursed nation to ever be blessed with such just warriors as the Mexican drug cartels, who are willing to protect the people from the government.